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Who did an interview entirely in emoji? Test your knowledge of the week...

… in which Enda Kenny faced a tough crowd in the Dáil…
Jun 13th 2015, 7:45 PM 16,966 4

1. Enda Kenny was at the opening of what on Monday?
A pub
A road
A fence
A bottle bank
2. Former footballer Sol Campbell declared his intention to run for mayor of London. Which party's nomination is he seeking?
Liberal Democrats
3. Who did Gerry Adams block on Twitter this week?
Micheál Martin
Mairia Cahill
Enda Kenny
4. We interviewed which TD entirely in emoji this week?
John Lyons
Eoghan Murphy
Mary Lou McDonald
Finian McGrath
5. FAI chief John Delaney called members of which Oireachtas committee this week?
Public Accounts
Transport and Communications
Health and Children
6. What did everyone do to Enda Kenny in the Dáil on Tuesday?
Applaud him
Boo him
Laugh at him
Heckle him
7. Who compared Fine Gael MEPs to fascists this week?
Luke Ming Flanagan
Nessa Childers
Brian Crowley
Lynn Boylan
8. Which of these journalists asked Enda Kenny about Fine Gael being too close to Denis O'Brien?
Ann Cahill (Irish Examiner)
Suzanne Lynch (Irish Times)
Tony Connolly (RTÉ)
Shona Murray (Newstalk)
9. The Dáil agreed to establish an inquiry into the IBRC loans controversy. What was the final vote tally?
100 – 55
119 – 20
121 - 15
145 – 6
10. There were reports that a new political party is about to be launched. Which one of these TDs is NOT involved?
Catherine Murphy
Roisin Shortall
Stephen Donnelly
Mattie McGrath
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Paul Murphy
Dogged persistence on Irish Water.
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John Lyons
A good sport for doing Ireland's first political interview in emoji.
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John Delaney
Is it really wise to ring members of a committee you're supposed to appear before?
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Enda Kenny
Nearly everyone laughed at you in the Dáil.
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Simon Coveney
A suspected BSE case means it's not your week.
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