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Image: Gerry Broome/AP/Press Association Images

Poll: Do you think there should be 'open prisons'?

There are 19 inmates on the run from open prisons in Ireland. Only 6 per cent of our total prison population is in an open centre. Do we need them at all? You decide…
Mar 29th 2012, 12:05 PM 4,486 55

IT WAS REVEALED today that 19 inmates of the 4,000-strong prison population are currently on the run. All of these have escaped from ‘open’ prisons or low-security prisons which are intended to help re-integrate low-risk prisoners before their release into the community.

None of the 19 currently on the run were convicted of killing a person, we are told, but the recent escape of Garda killer Martin McDermott from Loughan House open prison caused serious concern. He has since been recaptured.

Only 6 per cent of the prison population is in an open prison. Do you think we should have open prisons at all?

Poll Results:

No - prisoners should always be under high security (931)
Yes - they do serve a purpose (840)
I don't know (90)

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