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Poll: iPhone surveillance. Do you care?

Reports today reveal that a secret chip hidden inside Apple’s iPhone is tracking and recording the movements of owners. But would it stop you using an iPhone?
Apr 21st 2011, 9:44 AM 6,118 57

REPORTS OUT today reveal that Apple has installed a secret file inside your iPhone which records and tracks all your movements – before transferring them to your computer when the phone is synchronised to it.

Apple doesn’t appear to be storing the data on a larger database. But security experts warn that information which can normally only be accessed by a court order can now be found by anybody with access to your phone and basic technological know-how – “a jealous spouse, a private detective”.

Do you really care that your iPhone is tracking and recording all your movements? And if you don’t have an iPhone, would it put you off using one?

Poll Results:

It's creepy but I still love my iPhone (516)
Couldn't care less (342)
Yes: I may change phones (267)
Don't have one; don't want one (251)
Don't have one but wouldn't be put off (70)

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