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Elizabeth Holmes gets more than 11 years in prison for Theranos scam
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Robert Durst sentenced to life for murder of best friend
Former US congressman Weiner starts prison sentence for sexting 15-year-old girl
Gym owner who broke girlfriend's teeth avoids jail
Well known restaurateur has sentence for importing €79k worth of cannabis reduced
Pistorius appeal hearing set for next month
Man jailed for eight months for spying on woman with police camera
Mother-of-six faces prison not paying fine after failing to be assessed for homeschooling
Four republican dissidents sentenced after guns and ammunition find
Poll: Should there be a mandatory prison sentence for uninsured drivers?
Column: You know what? Doing time does help you move on in life.
Judges should be able to specify minimum terms for murder, says law reform group
Bruton publishes new legislation aimed at tackling white-collar crime
Woman who stabbed victim acted like "a wild animal"