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Comment #1642162 by Kevin Worldsavior

Kevin Worldsavior Sep 29th 2013, 1:34 PM #

Relax! Cancer already can be considered conquered (Please tell this to President Obama).

The only escape on Earth from cancers and infectious diseases is ourselves becoming The Lords of the Cancers and Infections, even kids can, possessing the PCK – The Personal Cancer Killer – a devastating weapon of unlimited power against any cancers and infectious diseases on Earth – a discovery that can change the life of humans on the planet – everybody will acquire his/her complete personal freedom. We humans are not helpless against cancers and infectious diseases any more – we can strike back with a devastating force. Nature has provided us the enormous power of being as healthy as Gods, we just gotta activate it and become completely indepemdent (do Gods depend on anybody?) of any vaccines, drugs, doctors, hospitals, clinics, surgeries (especially the awful mastectomies for women), all sorts of therapies (but not cure), etc. Doing the Immunizer (PCK), all of us – kids and adults – can be any bugs and cancers killers and enjoy the perfect health all the time, al our lives (much longer than usual), regardless of age, environmental and occupational exposure and lifestyle [like smoking (lung cancer is excluded), diet, sex life, stress, sexual orientation, obesity, etc.].
Any cancers and infectious diseases on Earth can be wiped out immediately (everybody being his/her own Jesus) by doing an exercise (incredible as it may seem) – the Immunizer – just a simple exercise for a minute a day for kids and adults as the full prevention of any diseases – from the common cold to cancer. If done for 3 -4 minutes a day, the immunizer will guarantee a very fast recovery from any viral and other infections (in max. 3 days) and from any forms of cancer at any stage (in max. 30 days). No killer viruses, bacteria, germs and cancers on Earth got any chance against the tremendous power of the immunizer – they just die the moment they touch you.
The price to disclose the Immunizer to the whole world is 2,25 Trillion US Dollars. Even more money is spent each year worldwide to no avail – millions of people still die – at the beginning of the 21st century – from cancers and infectious diseases, which can be eliminated, if everybody on Earth starts doing the immunizer.
Then all ofn us – kids and adults – will stay as healthy as Gods on our planet Earth (without cancers and infectious diseases to plague us) now and for generations to come, till the end of time.
Further details of the incredible Immunizer – The Personal Cancer Killer – are available upon request.

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