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Comment #7342938 by Mairtin O'Riain

Mairtin O'Riain Jul 3rd 2018, 10:15 PM #

International Law , folks need to watch this the whole way through to make sense of what no one in the media seems to understand as the entire issue has been smothered now for years by bias and disinformation.
The bill singles out Jewish people and buisness owners for boycott …. that should be a huge problem to any human being . The vast majority of them are the major contributors to the economy of Palestinians – 30,000 families of which rely solely on income from those jobs , all of which pay at the full Israeli rate with full equal rights in progression, opportunity, health benefits and education regardless of ethnicity or religion … they are in towns that are not illegal at all under international law but in areas that were due to be exchanged with the P/A in land swaps which Arafat had agreed to in the Oslo talks and accords.
In fact, under international law … there is a legal case to question the legality of the East bank after the Brits cut off 70% of the land alloted to the Jewish homeland and gave it to the invading Heshemite armies in the 20′s …. and then proceeded to block Jewish migration in contravention of international law and blocked it entirely in 39 (55 minutes in)
Seriously, considering how the very first casualty to lay down his life on the Irish side in 1916 was an Irish Jew and how the very nurses who treated Conolly and the fallen in the GPO were Jews who faught hand in hand for Irish rights and Irish nationhood – including Irelands Chief Rabbi who went on to become Israels chief Rabbi … I think an entire generation are now rolling in their graves at the complete betrayal of the Jewish nation and the intended adoption of what are 1930′s styled anti Jewish apartheid laws that will harm Arab Muslims and Christians in equal measure.

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Read the article where this comment appeared:

Fianna Fáil to support trade ban with lands held by Israel, but embassy calls it 'immoral'

Fianna Fáil to support trade ban with lands held by Israel, but embassy calls it 'immoral'

The Embassy of Israel said the boycott will not facilitate Ireland’s role or influence in the Middle East.


    Favourite ED
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    Jul 4th 2018, 2:40 AM

    @Mairtin O’Riain: What a bizare argument, don’t boycott us because we employee the poor Palestinians?

    Who owns what land is really beside the point, it’s about human dignity, something Isreal has denied Palestinians for decades.

    Favourite Steven Fitzpatrick
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    Jul 4th 2018, 11:20 AM

    @Mairtin O’Riain: the old tired targeting Jews bs. Countdown to mention of ww2 starts….

    Favourite Denis McClean
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    Jul 5th 2018, 12:25 PM

    @Mairtin O’Riain: I know of countless Jews of conscience who would have issues with you including them in your Zionist Jew collective. They also support the right of Palestinians to a homeland and BDS as way of expressing that support. Anyone who can support Zionist Israel just has to be on the payroll because it is an indefensible pariah.


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