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Comment #290950 by Charles Mark

Charles Mark Mar 4th 2012, 11:47 AM #

So EK isn’t your pal and the other guy isn’t my pal. We just each happen to have some common ground with one of the others on the issue under discussion.
I understand your point about “racist/bigot”. I think your analysis is inverted but I think you’re coming from the right place.
In my opinion if people want to use these words they should be ready to back them up. It’s not that hard to check someone’s history on for evidence. In fact the allegations are usually made in the context of a single debate so the accuser should have no difficulty pointing to the relevant comment(s). Making those allegations without backing them up when challenged is cretinous.

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Barack Obama says he's not bluffing on possibility of Iran attack

Barack Obama says he's not bluffing on possibility of Iran attack

The US president said both Israel and Iran recognise that when he says it is “unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say.”


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    Mar 4th 2012, 2:07 PM

    Well, I did accuse JM/BW of being racist in this thread,

    I point to the following exchange….

    JM: “A)You incorrect and
    b) Your very derogatory,in a snide smart alec way ,is it cultural or what is it ???”

    IA: “Now, now Baz, that’s just being racist….. You can do better, I know you can
    Probably a Cork thing anyway”

    JM: “Must be so handy having an Asian surname pull the racist card as soon as your wrong or unable to prove
    a point” *(not sure what point he was on about there)
    Granted, it’s not something I would scream and shout about, and I only raised it in the context of the idiotic exchange we (me and JB/BW) were having, but it is a clear sign that he very likely holds certain views. Combined with his his clear obsession with all things Zionist/Jewish/Israeli I would say he definitely holds certain anti-Islamic views. He pointed directly to my “Asian” surname, carefully avoiding calling it an Islamic surname in order to mask his prejudice. This guy is like an open book, lol, quite entertaining actually. But I honestly think he’s not the full bob.

    And surely you agree with me on who he really is.

    Barry Williams, last tweet 29th Feb
    John Murphy, first ever tweet, 29th Feb

    Makes all the same spelling mistakes, shares the same obsessed views, same attacking manner, unable to let things go.

    I better stop now before I start sounding just as sad as he is


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