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Comment #724688 by Jami Murphy

Jami Murphy Nov 13th 2012, 1:32 AM #

I believe with all my heart and the research I have done that sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) cures all cancer because cancer is a fungus. Dr. Tullio Simoncini from Italy discovered this a couple years ago. He has almost a 100% cure ratio and has cured people with cancerous tumors within a week by injecting the sodium bicarbonate directly into the tumor. Cancer also grows when givin sugar so if you have cancer and its spreading don’t eat sugar. The U.S. Government is covering up the biggest conspiracy in history and its true that the trillions they make a year off cancer would all be stopped because of something that cost 2 cents a pound. When doctors do their stupid biopsies they just take a piece right off the top of the tumor but never from the deep inside where they would actually see all this is true about the sodium bicarbonate. Another thing that is funny is people fly to Italy now for his help to get cured because the FDA of the wonderful United States made it to where Dr. Simoncini isn’t allowed over here. Hmm, wonder why! This makes me sick all the wonderful people my mom being one of them that die everyday of this cancer. It’s discusting how we all can’t stand up and fight this and it’s all about controlling the population and #1 is MONEY_!

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Explainer: Why can’t we cure cancer?

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