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Comment #1500651 by Fiona Ryan

Fiona Ryan Aug 19th 2013, 5:12 PM #

Damn right. The disgusting hypocrisy of the reactions on this is appalling. Almost universally the lad involved was considered a hero and the slut shaming of the girl was so intense that I can’t imagine hat state she’s in. She made a mistake, we,ve no idea what circumstance were involved or her inebriation.

The double standards society treats men and women and how they express their sexuality came to the forefront the past few days.

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Gardaí speak to young girl involved in incident at Slane concert

Gardaí speak to young girl involved in incident at Slane concert

Hundreds of people have shared the images on social networking sites – gardaí are asking people to respect her privacy.


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    Aug 19th 2013, 5:23 PM

    I’ve been following this since yesterday and I’ve seen more comments claiming sexist reactions than actual sexist reactions. The majority of comments I’ve seen have been equally disgusted at the lads involved as at the girl. Yes she is the one getting most of the focus but that’s because she’s the common denominator in all the photos.

    The real issue here is the fact that someone saw this happening and their reaction was to snap photos and post them on the internet. If that girl is underage that could be looked at as distributing child pornography, regardless of how willing a participant she was.

    The other issue is how so many people seemed to get so much pleasure out of sharing the photos and passing judgment. There was people crying out for her to be named and shamed with no thought to what that would mean for her. Regardless of what people may think of what she/they were doing the reaction to it all is a far more worrying thing as far as I’m concerned.