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This week’s vital property news - including a jump in property prices (again)

Everything you need to know in one quick guided tour.
Jul 9th 2015, 6:26 PM 4,111 0

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THIS WEEK THERE was big news about potential irregularities with Nama’s Northern Ireland property portfolio.

There was also a jump in the price of property outside of Dublin, with the Sales Report bringing good news for home owners in Limerick, Cork and Galway.

The Big Movers

House prices 

New statistics this week from showed that property prices outside of Dublin have seen a significant hike.

Prices in Limerick city went up by 5.1% between March and June of this year, while in Cork they went up by 4.4% and in Galway they increased by 3.8%.

In Dublin, the lending caps introduced in February by the Central Bank seem to have started to take effect with prices across the capital stagnating or decreasing.

Noisy neighbours?

Ever feel trapped by noisy neighbours? Want to do something about it but don’t want to call the police?

This week the Free Legal Advice Centre issued advice to homeowners about how to deal with this problem.

In the majority of cases, these things are dealt with as a civil matter. However, if the annoyance continues on for an extended period of time and is not resolved, it can be moved to the criminal system.

Under Construction

beyonce building How the Premier Tower in Melbourne's docklands will look Source: Elenberg Fraser

Des Res

Ever wonder how the rich and the famous live? This week Business Insider has revealed what 10 of the most expensive properties in New York look like. Here is just a few of them…

And Finally…

This week took a look at a group of creationists in America who have set about building a life-sized Noah’s arc. 

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