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Quiz: Can you pass this Junior Cert History test?

The subject was given special status by the Government this week.
Oct 5th 2019, 9:01 PM 85,706 48

THIS WEEK, IT was announced that History would be given ‘special category status’ at Junior Cert level.

The subject became optional for students up to third year last year, but Minister for Education Joe McHugh subsequently ordered a review of that decision by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.

While the council recommended that History should remain an optional subject for students at Junior Cert level, the Minister recommended giving the subject special status instead.

To mark the decision, we’ve taken ten questions from the current syllabus to see how much you know.

Unlike Junior Cert pupils, we’ve even given you multiple choices to answer. Can you make the grade?

In Neolithic Ireland, what was a court cairn?
A courthouse
A town hall
A marketplace
A tomb
Name the religious order founded by Ignatius Loyola during the Counter‐Reformation.
The Loyolists
The Jesuits
The Spanish Inquisition
The Somascan Fathers
What Irish county was the scene of the most intense rebel activity during the 1798 Rising?
Which of these was NOT an important invention during the Industrial Revolution in Britain?
Charles Newbold's practical plow
James Watt's steam engine
John Kay's flying shuttle
James Hargreaves' spinning jenny
What was the purpose of the Boundary Commission, 1924-1925?
To reinforce land boundaries between Irish farm owners
To examine the border between Ireland and the North
To review the borders between every Irish county
To establish four different local areas in Dublin city
In the medieval monastery what was the role of the almoner?
To heal the sick
To feed the poor
To educate the young
To comfort the elderly
Which British ruler did NOT order plantations to be carried out in Ireland?
Henry VIII
Mary I
Elizabeth I
Richard III
What was an astrolabe used for during the Age of Explorations?
To work out which direction a ship was travelling in
To work out distance north or south of Equator
To find water when explorers reached the New World
To communicate with locals in the New World
What happened as a result of the Act of Union, 1801?
Independent Italian city states unified into a single nation
The North American colonies joined together to form the United States
Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales joined to form the United Kingdom
European nations joined together to form the European Economic Community
Which leader was known as Il Duce?
Julius Caesar
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Silvio Berlusconi
Benito Mussolini
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