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Can men be feminists?

Never has the question of men’s role in gender equality been so debated.

Image: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

WHAT IS A feminist? And can a man be one?

With the launch of the UN’s #HeforShe campaign, never has the debate over men’s role in gender equality and feminism been so topical.

But are men really entitled to use the ‘feminist’ tag? Or does male privilege prevent men from really understanding what inequality entails? Should their role be reduced simply to that of ‘ally’ or ‘supporter’?

Here, Ben Acheson explores the issue…

Uploaded by Ben Acheson

Ben Acheson is a Political Adviser at the EU Special Representative’s Office in Afghanistan, and also presents the current affairs webseries ‘A Different Angle’. Follow him on Twitter @ben_acheson or YouTube.Uploaded by Ben Acheson


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