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Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte announces retirement from politics
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Donald Trump met Rodrigo Duterte in Manila and said he 'really enjoyed being here'
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Philippine lawmakers vote to slash annual funding for human rights commission to just €16
The Philippines' President keeps making rape jokes, but is claiming that people "get him"
Corpses in the slums and police corruption: A year into Duterte's bloody drugs war
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36 bodies found in Philippines casino after gunman sets fire to gaming room
Philippines kills 10 of its own soldiers in airstrike meant to hit ISIS
'They will never come up alive unless they surrender': Filipino troops have ISIS cornered
IS-linked militants have taken parts of a Philippine city and have been killing women and children
Philippines' president Duterte under fire after 'sickening' rape joke
"Inhumane and degrading": Photos of naked prisoners being searched for drugs spark outrage
Philippine President meets his 'hero' Putin to give out about US "hypocrisy and bullying"
Philippine mayor on president's drug list shot dead in jail
Philippine mayor and nine bodyguards killed in police shoot-out
Philippines president who called Pope a "son of a b****" has promised God he won't curse again
Duterte's popularity soars in Philippines amid claims of anti-crime 'death squads'
Philippine president literally gives the finger to the EU as he says "F**k you" to them
Obama cancels meeting after Philippines' president calls him 'son of a whore'
President of Philippines calls Obama a 'son of a whore'
Police in Philippines tell drug users to kill dealers and burn their homes
Philippines president says threat to pull country out of UN was just a 'joke'
Police in Philippines kill over 700 people in crackdown on drugs
Philippines president causes uproar after referring to US envoy as "gay ambassador"
Philippine president says journalists "are not exempted from assassination, if you're a son of a b***h"
A politician who makes rape jokes and is called "The Trump of the East" is set to become Philippines president