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'Is the virus coming to our house?': 5 weighty questions from my kids - and how I've answered them

From the coronavirus to mortality, my kids cover all the bases, writes Sheena McGinley.

Repeating yourself? 9 effective ways to say 'no' to your kids - without the word 'no'

Sheena McGinley shares some of the alternative phrases she’s employed in her own home.

How to keep costs down as your kids grow up - from creative packed lunches to DIY drama classes

Sheena McGinley shares some practical advice for handling the basics on a budget.

'There’s a different in-law here every week': 7 working parents share what they do for childcare

Sheena McGinley asks families around Ireland how they balance all those spinning plates.


'Mum didn't deny the magic of Christmas, she was just so exhausted dealing with Dad'

Sheena McGinley on making Christmas magic – and making up for lost time.

5 ‘reassuring’ phrases I didn't want to hear after my miscarriage - and 5 that actually helped

Sheena McGinley offers some dos and don’ts.

10 milestones I worried about with baby #1 - and threw out the window for baby #2

One look at the official list of developmental landmarks would put any new parent on edge, writes Sheena McGinley.

7 things a mum with postnatal depression doesn’t want to hear - and 4 helpful things to say instead

Sheena McGinley recalls the sentences that made a dark time easier, and the ones that definitely didn’t.

The difference between hangovers pre and post-kids - starting with the 6am toddler wake-up call

The headache and dry mouth is bad enough without two restless kids to wrangle, writes Sheena McGinley.

26 parenting hacks to make travelling with young kids a whole lot easier

You might think holidays are for relaxing, but under 5s don’t agree, writes Sheena McGinley.

'Put him in the sling and start walking': 7 practical tips for surviving the dreaded colic, from real parents

Sheena McGinley scouts out some advice for dealing with a newborn who Just Won’t Stop Crying.

Bellybutton, ankles and pelvic floor: 10 body parts that take on new significance when you're pregnant

I was suddenly hyper-aware of the shape of my feet, writes Sheena McGinley.

How I threw a birthday party with 15 kids on a shoestring budget - from the invites to the goody bags

When Sheena McGinley realised how much the local play zone would cost, she took matters into her own thrifty hands.

'No detectable heartbeat': Miscarriage is devastating - here's the advice I wish I was given after mine

The mumbled “sorry for your loss” from hospital staff just wasn’t enough, writes Sheena McGinley.

'How does he get down the chimney?': Kids' trickiest questions about Santa, answered by experts

If you don’t know the answer, science probably does, writes Sheena McGinley.

7 truly awkward parenting moments you'll experience at every playdate

Step one, attempting to use the word “playdate” without smirking, writes Sheena McGinley.

Mind your manners: I'm teaching my kids to say 'please' and 'thank you' - but nobody says it back

The exchanging of pleasantries is an important social buffer, says Sheena McGinley.

I know breast is best, but here's why I stopped feeling ashamed about bottle feeding

Let’s support mums whatever their situation is, writes Sheena McGinley.

9 truths about childbirth I wish I'd known before going into the labour ward

Prepare for sweating, grunting and lots of bodily fluids, writes Sheena McGinley.

C-section guilt and not being "there": Why do mums feel such pressure to have a natural birth?

An emergency C-section kept my daughter safe, but it certainly wasn’t on my birthing plan, writes Sheena McGinley.

Naptime deadlines and ignoring the dishes: 9 realistic tips for working from home with kids

I’ve learnt to put my blinkers up and ignore the crumb-encrusted floor, writes Sheena McGinley.

When the baby blues don't go away: How I recognised the signs of post-natal depression

Sheena McGinley on the overwhelming experience of new parenthood – and the moment she realised that she needed help.

6 survival tactics I've employed for staying sane around my in-laws

If I can endure an 18-day holiday with my MIL, you can get through one Sunday lunch, writes Sheena McGinley.