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Musty, stale or just plain stinky? How to tackle stubborn odours on carpets or fabrics
Ready to clear the air? Laura de Barra shares some smell-busting tips.
How to deep-clean bulky items like duvets and mattresses
Want to take your spring clean to the next level? Laura de Barra shares her expertise.
How to get your home properly clean in 20 minutes or less
A step-by-step germ-blitzing guide to add to your daily routine, courtesy of Caroline Foran.
How do I get my windows sparklingly clean without leaving streaks behind?
Windows not scrubbing up well? Laura de Barra has the answers.
How to remove stains and smudges from your walls - without repainting the whole room
Grainne O’Reilly offers a masterclass in spot-cleaning stubborn marks.
How to get your chrome and steel surfaces sparkling (and keep them that way)
Shine on, you crazy… kitchen sink. Laura de Barra shares her wisdom on giving your metallic fittings a like-new sheen.
The winter weather did a number on my back garden. How do I revive it?
Rainfall, ice and wind can all wreak havoc on outdoor areas. Here’s how to bring them back to life.
I hate my curtains but don't have the budget for new ones - what's the solution?
Curtains too short, too heavy or just plain ugly? Laura de Barra shares some tips for transforming them.
Torches, matches and... glue? 11 surprisingly useful items to have on hand for home emergencies
Laura de Barra shares her essentials for those unexpected disasters.
Help! What's the best way to clean cat or dog hair off my furniture?
Laura de Barra sheds her expertise on a very hairy problem.
Help! How do I get rid of that musty smell in my drawers and cupboards?
Start by looking for the source, says home expert Grainne O’Reilly.
What's the best way to clean dull and dust-covered curtains?
It’s not just about the windows – your curtains need some TLC too. Laura de Barra shares some tips.
What's the right way to clean really dusty rugs and carpets?
Grainne O’Reilly on how to get floor coverings clean once and for all.
How can I declutter my home once and for all - without going full Marie Kondo?
Five tips for streamlining your space from home expert Laura de Barra.
How do I pack up Christmas decorations so they're not in a heap next year?
Sick of the annual Fairy Light Detangling Panic? Laura de Barra has you covered.
What last-minute items can I pick up now to avoid Christmas Day disasters?
Don’t forget the batteries, says Grainne O’Reilly.
Help! How do I host a crowd for dinner if I'm short on space?
Make elbow room for all your guests with these tips from Grainne O’Reilly.
Help! How do I set up outdoor Christmas lights without disaster?
Here’s how to avoid a neighbourhood-wide power cut, according to Laura de Barra.
What are the basics I should have in my toolbox?
These are the essentials you should have on hand, from a hammer to an interchangeable screwdriver.
I'm moving house - how can I make unpacking less stressful?
Pack a three-day kit to keep you comfortable in your new place, writes Laura de Barra.
Help! How do I get rid of damp in an older house?
Foggy windows again? Grainne O’Reilly offers tips for tackling damp and condensation.
What are the basic cleaning products every grown-up should own?
You only need a few, but make sure they’re the right ones, says Laura de Barra.
How do I know if my plant needs a bigger pot?
And what’s the simplest way to do the swap? Grainne O’Reilly shares some tips.
How can I clean up my grimy-looking taps so they shine?
Are you wiping down your taps and still seeing water marks after? Here’s what to do.
My floors always look streaky after mopping - what am I doing wrong?
Here’s how to fix your mopping woes, plus the one Instagram tip you should ignore.
How do I bring a tired and stain-covered carpet back to life?
Just moved into a new place with a less-than-desirable carpet? Laura de Barra has some rug revival tips.
What's the secret to keeping my towels soft and fluffy?
Bye-bye, scratchy towels.
What's the best way to clean laptop and TV screens without damaging them?
First, put that furniture polish away, says Laura de Barra.
Help! My plants keep dying - what am I doing wrong?
Watering too much, or watering too little? It’s time to listen to what your plants are telling you, says Grainne O’Reilly.
My kitchen cabinets are really dated - how can I spruce them up without replacing them?
Laura de Barra has a few solutions, from swapping handles to painting doors.
How do I make my bed like a grown-up - hospital corners and all?
Gráinne O’Reilly suggests six steps to a cosy bed.
I'm hosting a dinner party - how can I make the table look properly fancy?
From forks to glasses, Laura de Barra schools us in table settings.
What bulbs work best in each room - and how do I tell the difference?
For starters, how bright do you want the room to be? Grainne O’Reilly sheds some light.
How do I stop my kitchen bin getting stinky? Here's some advice from a home pro
Laura de Barra shares her essential tips for keeping those pesky bin odours in check.
If it's too warm for a duvet in summer, what can I put on the bed instead?
There are better solutions than ‘one leg in, one leg out’ – honest. Gráinne O’Reilly has the details.
Is cleaning my toilet brush really a *thing* - and what's the best way to do it?
Yes, it’s a thing. It’s time to learn how to deep clean your loo brush (and not just buy a new one), says Laura de Barra.
How do I get the most out of my utility room?
Laundry, storage, bits and bobs – the utility room can be a tricky one to get right. Gráinne O’Reilly shares some straight-talking advice.
How can I get my home spotless... without the nasty chemicals?
With a few store-cupboard staples, you can ditch the harsh cleaners AND save money. Laura de Barra shares her favourites.
What's the handiest way to store bulky cleaning products?
Toilet cleaner and detergent are essentials – but they’re not exactly easy on the eye. Grainne O’Reilly shares some storage tips.
How do I keep my bed fresh and clean (aside from just changing the sheets)?
Tackle this task from the mattress up, with some pro tips from Laura de Barra.