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# taxes - Friday 28 September, 2012

France introduces 75 per cent income tax rate for millionaires

France unveiled the toughest package of tax rises and spending cuts ever seen in the country during an economic downturn.

# taxes - Friday 21 September, 2012

Romney releases more tax returns, paid 14.1 per cent tax rate last year

The Republican candidate for the US presidency also promised to release a summary of the taxes he paid between 1990 and 2009.

# taxes - Sunday 2 September, 2012

Sinn Féin to hold protest over Government funding cut for Dublin City Council

A protest will be held outside City Hall at 6pm tomorrow in response to the decision of the Minister for Local Government to reduce funding for the Council based on the level of Household Charge collection.

# taxes - Thursday 23 August, 2012

No plans for fuel tax cuts to help struggling motorists

The Department of Finance has said the price of petrol and diesel is outside of the Government’s control.

# taxes - Friday 17 August, 2012

Mitt Romney says he paid 13 per cent tax rate

The average effective federal tax rate for American taxpayers is 11 per cent.

# taxes - Thursday 9 August, 2012

The 9 at 9: Thursday 9 At 9 This post contains videos

The 9 at 9: Thursday

Nine things to know this morning…

# taxes - Monday 30 July, 2012

New rules allow workers to pay tax online by credit card

A legal tweak means people using Revenue’s online services can pay income tax by VISA or MasterCard for the first time.

# taxes - Saturday 21 July, 2012

Column: Call that a stimulus? What we need is a tax cut.

The ‘stimulus’ announced this week won’t even move the needle, writes Aaron McKenna. So what should be done?

# taxes - Saturday 14 July, 2012

Romney slams 'false' attacks on job record USA

Romney slams 'false' attacks on job record

Romney has angrily blasted what he called “false” attacks on his time at Bain Capital.

# taxes - Thursday 5 July, 2012

Column: Jack Lynch's victory 35 years today was a PR one...

…But while the watershed campaign gave Fianna Fáil a landslide in 1977, writes David McCann, the triumph was short-lived and carries lessons for us today.

# taxes - Monday 2 July, 2012

'Absolutely justifiable' to use allowances for boycott campaign - Higgins

The Socialist Party TD Joe Higgins has said it is okay that deputies use their travel allowances for the purposes of travelling the country urging people to boycott the household charge.

# taxes - Monday 25 June, 2012

Budget 2013: Minister refuses to rule out income tax increases and welfare cuts

Pat Rabbitte insists the govt hasn’t “engaged” yet on the budget, but he personally wants to sit down for talks “without any red lines”.

# taxes - Saturday 23 June, 2012

Greek coalition seeks negotiation on range of austerity measures

The measures were agreed under the country’s international bailout arrangement.

# taxes - Sunday 27 May, 2012

French government attacks Lagarde's comments playing down Greek crisis IMF

French government attacks Lagarde's comments playing down Greek crisis

The government of Francois Hollande doesn’t have much loyalty to its predecessor’s former finance minister…

# taxes - Saturday 26 May, 2012

IMF chief Lagarde shows little sympathy for Greece

“I think more of the little kids from a school in a little village in Niger…sharing one chair for three of them,” said Christine Lagarde.

# taxes - Monday 21 May, 2012

Over €90k in household charge fees collected from THREE people

Three landlords, who own at least 300 properties, have paid – in full – for the household charges they are liable for.

# taxes - Monday 7 May, 2012

From The Daily Edge 6 super-rich people who say 'tax me more' Tax Us This post contains videos

6 super-rich people who say 'tax me more'

Higher taxes for higher earners – what a silly thought, right? But some of the world’s richest are in agreement.

# taxes - Monday 16 April, 2012

Poll: Should households pay for their own water meters? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should households pay for their own water meters?

The Government says it would be in line with international practice but is it fair?

# taxes - Sunday 15 April, 2012

Sinn Féin calls on Government to clarify water meter charges

Party spokesperson Brian Stanley has said any attempt to bill households for water meters will be “fiercely resisted”.

# taxes - Thursday 12 April, 2012

'I won't pay for bankers' risk-taking': Man says he'll stop paying tax Not Paying This post contains a poll

'I won't pay for bankers' risk-taking': Man says he'll stop paying tax

Patrick McGreal says he will not pay his taxes anymore as the money is being used for bankers, bondholders and services which he believes are substandard. What do you think?

# taxes - Sunday 18 March, 2012

Bad news for drivers: petrol and diesel prices hit record highs

The average cost of one litre of petrol in Ireland is now 162.1c – and there’s no sign of the price coming down any time soon.

# taxes - Thursday 23 February, 2012

Rick Santorum under fire at Republican debate

Yep, another debate.

# taxes - Tuesday 10 January, 2012

Column: I don't have political leanings - but neither, it seems, has Labour

This week, former trader Nick Leeson explains how he left London believing all UK political parties were the same – and how it looks like Ireland’s Labour party is also losing its Robin Hood status.

# taxes - Wednesday 7 December, 2011

Column: Here’s why the VAT increase won’t send people flocking North

The VAT increase won’t lead to a repeat of 2008′s queues at the Border – but that doesn’t make it a good idea, writes Ronan Lyons.

# taxes - Tuesday 6 December, 2011

Let us know: What do you think of the Budget?

So now that we’ve heard the entire Budget, what do you think? Was it better or worse than you’d expected?

As it happened: Budget 2012 liveblog

Join us for live video and text commentary, as Michael Noonan tells us how he plans to raise €1.6bn in extra taxes next year.

Here’s Michael Noonan’s Budget 2012 speech… as a word cloud

A pictorial representation of Michael Noonan’s Budget 2012 speech, as delivered to Dáil Éireann this afternoon.

Budget Day (pt 2) – the main points from Michael Noonan's announcement

Here are the main points of the taxation measures announced by the Minister for Finance in the Dáil today.

In full: Michael Noonan's Budget speech to the Dáil

The full text, as prepared in advance, of Michael Noonan’s Budget 2012 speech to the Dáil delivered this afternoon.

# taxes - Monday 28 November, 2011

Poll: Will motor tax hikes make you change/get rid of your car? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Will motor tax hikes make you change/get rid of your car?

With a motor tax increase promised for a wide swathe of vehicle owners in the upcoming Budget 2012, how would that affect all you drivers out there?

# taxes - Monday 7 November, 2011

The 5 at 5: Monday

5 minutes, 5 stories, 5 o’clock.

# taxes - Friday 14 October, 2011

Column: Want a simple way to recovery? Raise taxes for some of us

Many of us pay our way, but lucrative tax breaks for some mean our government takes in far less than others. This has to end if we want a secure future, writes Anne Costello.

# taxes - Thursday 13 October, 2011

ESRI report says just 3 per cent better off on dole than in jobs

The organisation also recommends that the government look at diverse means of generating taxes other than relying on income-related taxes like the Universal Social Charge.

# taxes - Monday 3 October, 2011

WATCH: If taxes are raised in Budget 2012, which should they be? Vox Pop This post contains videos

WATCH: If taxes are raised in Budget 2012, which should they be?

The very wealthy would be paying a great deal more tax if the respondents in this video vox pop had their way…

# taxes - Wednesday 31 August, 2011

One-quarter of 100 biggest US firms paid CEO more than company tax bill

One-quarter of 100 biggest US firms paid CEO more than company tax bill

Chief executives at the largest firms in the US earned more from their companies than the taxman last year.

# taxes - Saturday 13 August, 2011

Poll: Should high earners be paying higher taxes? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should high earners be paying higher taxes?

The Italian government has introduced a ‘solidarity’ tax for high earners as part of a package of austerity measures. Should the rich in Ireland be made to pay additional taxes?…

# taxes - Friday 12 August, 2011

The Daily Fix: Friday Daily Fix This post contains videos

The Daily Fix: Friday

It’s your Friday Fix: the McGivern family react to the HIQA report, should our taxes be as high as Germany’s… and Enda Kenny the goat, King of the Puck Fair.

German economist says Ireland should raise taxes as high as... Germany's

Economist Peter Bofinger, one of Germany’s ‘Five Wise Men’, has said that Ireland needs to bring revenue levels up to those in Germany, and to raise taxes for the rich.

# taxes - Thursday 12 May, 2011

Man caught with illegal cigarettes, charged and jailed in one day

Dublin District Court judge sends smuggler down for six months after he’s caught with nearly 10,000 illegal cigarettes.

# taxes - Wednesday 11 May, 2011

ESRI calls for more cuts and higher taxes to wipe deficit

The economic think tank says Ireland should aim to cut it’s budget deficit within three years in order to return to the markets – and that this should be done through pay cuts, spending cuts and higher taxes.