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Last year
FactCheck: Is 10% of Ireland's healthcare budget spent on diabetes?
The claim has been made by government ministers and the HSE itself.
The Good Information Project is launching The Good Information Podcast
Catch up with all of the in-depth, original reporting from The Good Information Project.
Would it work here: Could Ireland bring in a national electronic healthcare record for everyone?
Electronic healthcare records are already in place in several European countries.
'We needed more beds, we still need more beds': Will lessons be learned from the pandemic?
With Ireland now in a different phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, will lessons be learned from the crisis gone by?
Why we emigrated: Irish healthcare professionals on what pushed them to leave
“I was in a theatre all day with one surgeon and I worked every day with him for a year and he didn’t know my name.”
The problem is not unique to Ireland but there are a lot of push factors in the Irish healthcare system, according to staff
The situation is radically different in other countries, say nurses, doctors and physios who have left Ireland
" I was in a theatre all day with one surgeon and I worked every day with him for a year and he didn’t know my name."
More than half of people in Ireland think that healthcare is getting worse
Just 7% of the respondents said that healthcare services are getting better.
People on lower incomes and without health insurance were most likely to say that Ireland's healthcare system is worsening
People earning over €80,000 were most likely to say that the system has stayed the same
However, responses were split when it came to people's individual experiences of the system, reports Jack White
The 'workhorses' of the health service: How Ireland's GPs are under increasing pressure right now
Explainer: What exactly is Sláintecare? And is it working?
It’s probably the most radical overhaul of Ireland’s healthcare system ever. Five years in, what’s working? And what isn’t?
The 'workhorses' of the health service: How Ireland's GPs are under increasing pressure right now
“I have seen the ups and downs of general practice. I have seen it when it was sneered at, when it was dismissed”
Poll: Do you have private health insurance?
This month, The Good Information Project is looking at healthcare in Ireland and we want to hear from you.
Open Thread: What one change would you like to see in the Irish healthcare system?
This month, The Good Information Project is looking at healthcare in Ireland and we want to hear from you.
Can Ireland's health system be fixed, or is it beyond repair?
This month, The Good Information Project will take a look at healthcare in Ireland.
The Explainer: In the age of disinformation and misinformation, how does factchecking work?
The Good Information Project has been looking at the fight against misinfo and disinfo, and this week on the podcast we’re taking a look at how factchecking and how it works.
The war on misinformation: What counts as a win?
Will we ever be free of bad information or do we simply learn coping strategies to keep up the fight?
Can people be 'inoculated' against false news?
‘Prebunking’ involves innoculating people with weaker doses of misinformation in a safe space in order to strenghten their ability to spot it in the wild.
Are the social media platforms doing enough - or anything - to deal with misinformation?
Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all say that they’re trying to make their platforms better. What exactly are they doing?
How effective was Arnold Schwarzenegger's viral video message to Russia?
“There is research showing that the source of information is less effective if people are forewarned of the persuasion attempt,” says Shane Timmons of the ESRI.
Quiz: Can you identify this satellite image?
Can you identify these Irish facilities from satellite images? Put your verification skills to the test
'I go to bed tired but I go to bed satisfied': Verifying war through a screen
How the New York Times and a self confessed ‘nerd’ volunteer use openly-sourced information to investigate war and cut across disinformation.
"Our current approach is insufficient" - The fight against foreign interference in Europe's institutions
The EU has spent 18 months looking into how malicious foreign actors are manipulating public debate. It has plans for how to stop them – but will they work?
Watch: Open Newsroom - The EU frontline against Russian disinformation
Watch our Open Newsroom session on Russia disinformation and what we can all do to push back against it
'Some narratives have been crafted by PR professionals in the US, pushed by vested interests'
Research has found that climate misinformation is usually produced by well-resourced organisations rather than at grassroots level.
Over two-thirds say they have seen their friends or family share misinformation online
Polling conducted by Ireland Thinks indicates that most Irish people are being exposed to misinformation by friends and family
Open Newsroom invitation: The EU frontline against Russian disinformation
Get involved with our reporting on disinformation by signing up for our Open Newsroom webinar.
Watch our LIVE event: Tools, tactics & strategies - how we can get ahead in the online disinfo war
Watch our expert panel discussion on how to stop misinformation.
Open Thread: How have you been affected by false information?
We want to hear about how disinformation and misinformation have popped up in your life. What effect has dodgy information had on you and your loved ones?
Poll: Who is most responsible for stopping the spread of misinformation?
Misinformation is becoming increasingly hard to avoid, and its effects are deeply harming society. Who should be leading the charge against it?
Are we winning the fight against misinformation?
Is it even winnable at all? Or is false information just a fact of life now?
'The European Union is more faithful to the Irish language than the Irish state is'
On 1 January, the Irish language became a full official and working language of the European Union. It’s been a long road to get here.
Dóchas agus dúchas: Hope and history need to rhyme for the Irish language to thrive
We’ve spent the last few weeks assessing the health of the language and what it means to society.
'There is no need for me to ever speak English at home': The town with the highest percentage of Irish speakers
“From the moment I wake until the moment I go to bed, I speak Irish.”
Tráth na gCeist: How much do you know about the current state of the Irish language?
How much do you know about the Irish language and its place in society?
Irish speakers are leaving Gaeltacht areas due to problems with planning and a lack of housing
“When we left, the island probably lost more than we did. Because they lost a whole family. Gone.”
There are plans for an Irish Language Quarter in Dublin. How would it work?
The capital has a large community of Irish speakers and there are efforts to harness this.
From love-bombing to Covid-19, how Irish words are made and published
And how you can suggest one yourself, too.
Siri can't speak Irish: Tackling the digital gaps for the Irish language
Irish researchers are working with colleagues across the EU to tackle language inequality for minority languages online.
FactFind: Less than 2% speak Irish daily. How does that compare with other EU minority languages?
Ireland is not the only country in Europe where the indigenous language has hit a ceiling.
FactFind: Labhraíonn níos lú ná 2% Gaeilge go laethúil - comparáid idir sin agus mion-teanga Eorpach eile
In áiteanna eile san Aontas Eorpach, tá an mothú céanna ag Málta agus Lucsamburg agus atá ag Éirinn.
The major minority: protecting the Polish language for a new Irish generation
Polish community activists tell The Good Information Project that language can be a barrier for many of the 125,000-strong population here.
Watch our Irish language live event: An Ghaeilge - Faoi bhrú nó faoi bhláth
Cómhrá beo, suimiúil faoi thodhcaí na Gaeilge, ag teacht chugaibh ó The Good Information Project.
'Our moonshot vision is to win an international Oscar for an Irish language film'
The prospect is perhaps closer than ever before.