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Last week
2nd June 2024 - 8th June 2024
Clonsilla: 'I don't want the next generation to only know this place for being housing estates'
The Journal spoke to local residents in Clonsilla in Dublin 15 last week to hear what their community needs.
Drogheda: Locals say it is on the 'cusp of being brilliant' - it just needs attention
Our reporter Jane Matthews visits her hometown.
Last month
May 2024
Fringe, populist and Eurosceptic parties attracting highest proportion of donations across EU
Donations to Sinn Féin in Ireland increased every year between 2019 and 2022.
Hidden Figures: Source of political money disclosed for just 8% of donations over four years
A cross-European investigation with Noteworthy also found unclear laws make Ireland’s donation framework among the least transparent in the EU.
No rules to stop politicians donating money to their party from funds originally given to them by members of the public
Fundraiser costs must be removed from the total donations a party receives
Advocacy body calls for more powers to be granted to Sipo to enforce laws
'Their face was twisted up in anger': Election hopefuls share stories of abuse at the doors
Calls for inquiry into birth trauma in Ireland, as women decry lack of empathy and consent in HSE
A recent inquiry in the UK found that good maternity care in Britain was “the exception rather than the rule”.
Are young people really being pushed from Ireland's shore? We asked them (and everyone else)
8% of people aged between 18-34 years old have said they are actively planning to emigrate from Ireland.
Majority of country believes Ireland should remain in the EU, polling finds
Most people believe voting for EU elections is important and would support more countries joining the bloc, according to the research.
Delay in getting Drug Use Committee off the ground as members not yet nominated by all parties
Average rents for new tenancies in Ireland grew 9.1% last year, Limerick City worst hit at 22%
The average rent for a new tenancy on a national basis was €1,595 – an increase of €133 on the previous year.
April 2024
FactCheck: Did Sinn Féin really propose spending €500m less on health than the Government?
The claim was made by Taoiseach Simon Harris last week in the Dáil.
Families of Stardust victims arrive at Leinster House for long-awaited State apology
The Taoiseach will make the apology today in the Dáil at 2pm.
'The doom sits on your shoulders': Farmers share how weeks of wet weather have hit them hard
The Journal asked farmers to share their experiences of how they’ve been impacted by the weather conditions.
Simon Harris's leadership makes 15% of voters less likely to vote for Fine Gael - poll
The results do not bode well for Taoiseach Simon Harris in his first week in office.
The biggest loss of support was visible among the 18-34-year-old age group.
Today's The Journal/Ireland Thinks poll also took a look at the popularity of the parties and asked voters which election is more important to them - the EU elections or the local elections.
This latest poll also shows a slide in support for Sinn Féin, with the party down to 23% from 26% in February.
Your stories: The stress, strain and heartbreak of trying to find childcare in Ireland
“Our unborn child is on a waiting list for two creches and four childminders – yes, a waiting list. No place is confirmed.”
March 2024
The climate crisis is looming. Is Simon Harris prepared to face it?
“I’m absolutely committed to addressing the climate emergency,” the new Fine Gael leader has said.
The Irish economy is set to grow this year and next as rate of inflation decreases
That’s according to the ESRI quarterly economic commentary report published today.
Nightlife campaign points to 'new opportunities' as backbench TDs push Harris to scrap late hours
The licensing legislation is one of the many bills that Simon Harris is inheriting as he takes over the Fine Gael leadership.
Palestinian man who slept on Mount Street came to Ireland to escape 'death at any moment'
Mohamed has been deeply affected by the situation in Gaza, describing it as a “massacre”.
Varadkar in Brussels for final EU summit as Taoiseach, as Ukraine, defence and Gaza top agenda
'I tried discharging myself twice': Patients describe treatment at University Hospital Limerick
Readers reported a lack of privacy as they waited for hours on trolleys, while others said they now avoid the hospital completely.
European elections: Dead-heat on whether immigration is a big issue for voters
A third of people say they would vote for a candidate with ‘strong anti-immigration views’.
TheJournal/Ireland Thinks poll finds voters evenly split on the relevance of immigration to June elections.
The second survey in the major series also asked questions about EU immigration policy and sea rescue missions.
'I know people that, if they had a farm, had to sell animals at home to pay for the funeral'
The State spent over €9 million contributing to funeral expenses for people who couldn’t afford it last year.
Here's what you need to know about referendum count day
Taoiseach and most FG MEPs back a second von der Leyen term - but issues raised over Gaza stance
Up to 8 former Irish MEPs taking legal action against European Parliament over cuts to their pensions
The Journal contacted all MEPs who have previously been identified as recipients of the fund.
February 2024
Irish people are getting more and more worried about storms and extreme heat - climate study
'Watching in dismay': The letters sent by worried booksellers over the free books scheme
Person tried to get job at asylum seeker hostel to 'cause trouble and enact racial discrimination'
The individual was not hired after Dublin City Dorms carried out a background check.
A staff member at the centre raised security concerns with the International Protection Accommodation Services
Dublin City Dorms began operating as an accommodation centre in early 2023, having previously been a tourist hostel
The centre was among the buildings vandalised during the Dublin riots in November
Three weeks out, here's a roundup of where the politicians fall on the family and care referendums
We’re just three weeks out from the vote in March.
All the main political parties have launched their referendum campaigns, with Sinn Féin due to next week.
The Rural and Regional Independent groups do not have an agreed campaigning position on the issues, instead each TD will vote individually.
A number of other Independent senators and TDs are in the No camp or are undecided.
Ireland to spend thousands on air-con for Olympians after Paris bans A/C to meet climate goals
Paris organisers had said they would not provide air-conditioning as part of a pledge to make the 2024 games environmentally friendly.
Homes at Sandyford ‘Mint’ site could be decade away despite land transfer approval
The Central Bank said it would take seven years for it to vacate the site off the M50.
St John of God services to be transferred to HSE unless extra funding is granted
The SJOG board is due to meet today to discuss its €32.5 million deficit.
SJOG is one of the biggest providers of intellectual disability and mental health services in the country
Staff have been informed that, unless extra funding is received, the process of transferring services will begin
The board said they are "doing all in our power to prevent this eventuality" but are running out of options
'A legal bomb waiting to go off': The delays at the Probate Office have reached a record high
Solicitors have called on the Probate Office to reinstate its face-to-face counter service.
Delays have steadily increased after a new way of working was introduced to accommodate remote working during the Covid pandemic.
Solicitors have called on the Probate Office to reinstate its face-to-face counter service.
One solicitor said the current arrangements are "absolutely shocking".
Sex workers sent death threats after replying to text scam
Very few crimes against sex workers are reported to gardaí, an advocacy group said.
A number of people were threatened with physical or sexual violence
Foreign-national sex workers were targeted by the scam
"The texts and calls turned violent, people saying things like they were going to have a hitman kill them."
‘We need help’: Restaurant and cafe owners say they are struggling like never before
The Journal spoke to a number of restaurant, cafe and bar owners, with all of them reporting the same problems and suggesting similar solutions.
'Concerning' delays for mammograms as Dublin hospitals struggle to recruit staff
Beaumont Hospital is considering outsourcing some appointments to deal with the backlog, one patient was told.
Patients are concerned it is taking months to get an appointment for certain scans, potentially delaying a cancer diagnosis
Extra consultants are due to start working in the coming months, but staffing levels remain an issue
"It is unacceptable that a person should wait too long before getting access to a vital diagnostic appointment," the CEO of the Irish Cancer Society said
January 2024
Integrity investigation finds 25% of Europe’s MEPs were involved in a scandal
In December 2022, police found €900,000 in alleged bribe cash stuffed in bags at the EU Parliament’s Vice President Eva Kaili’s home. How could corruption of such scale happen at the heart of the EU? Was this just one isolated incident or the tip of the iceberg?
Data collected by The Journal, Noteworthy and other European media partners reveals 3% of MEPs have been convicted by a court.
The months-long investigation unearthed 253 previously reported blemishes.
The most serious cases related to 45 corruption incidents and 44 events relating to fraud and theft.
Overhaul of mental health law which 'deprives people of liberty' may not happen before election
The long-awaited Mental Health Amendment Bill would bring about the largest overhaul of the State’s mental health laws in decades.
Mental Health Reform said the protracted delay in publishing the Mental Health Amendment Bill is "completely unacceptable"
The proposed legislation would strengthen regulation around people consenting to the type of treatment they receive
Fiona Anderson, a long-time activist, said patients like her need to have a greater say in their treatment
The ICJ makes its initial ruling in the Israel genocide case today - what's likely to happen?
South Africa has accused Israel of violating the Genocide Convention during its military campaign in Gaza.