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Top 10 stories you tweeted in 2011

Gay mice, a footballer leaving Twitter and an April Fools’ joke – some of the stories you most wanted to share with your Twitter followers.
Dec 27th 2011, 3:00 PM 3,407 2

AS OUR MOTTO goes, we invite our followers to read, share and shape the news. And you did just that this year.

These are the stories you read on in 2011 and most wanted to share with your Twitter pals.

In order of most retweeted (links under the slideshow if you want to see what they are all about…)

  1. Scientists ‘turned mice gay’ through hormone immunity
  2. US soldier sentenced over Afghan civilian murders
  3. Police dogs join UK search for missing Sian O’Callaghan
  4. Here are the Tweets that made Darron Gibson quit Twitter within two hours [Updated: or did they?]
  5. Standard and Poor’s downgrades Ireland’s credit rating
  6. Twitter user inadvertently live-blogs deadly attack on Bin Laden
  7. Royal family apologises over Harney wedding gaffe (NOTE: This was’s April Fool’s joke story!)
  8. Bad news for fans of Poirot: UPC is losing ITV2, 3 and 4
  9. New research reveals more Irish people losing money through scams
  10. Obesity on the rise in Ireland, survey shows

Tomorrow: The Top 10 stories you shared on Facebook in 2011

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