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WATCH: Police officer saves man trapped beneath burning SUV

The man’s arm was trapped beneath the passenger side of the vehicle.
May 18th 2016, 5:21 PM 18,188 16

Source: PoliceActivity/YouTube

FOOTAGE HAS EMERGED of a police officer and four other men rescuing a man stuck beneath a burning, overturned SUV.

The footage, taken from the dashcam of a police officer in Anchorage, Alaska, shows the officer pull up close to the overturned vehicle.

A man can be heard shouting “Oh, God… Oh, God!” as the officer runs towards the SUV.

The man’s arm is trapped beneath the passenger side of the vehicle, and the officer, together with a number of passersby, attempts to push the vehicle off his arm in order to free it.

After a number of attempts, they manage to free the man from beneath the SUV, who shouts out:

Oh, you guys saved my f***ing life!

The man collapses onto the ground next to the police car as units from the Fire Brigade come to extinguish the fire on the vehicle.

“I thought I was literally going to die,” says the unidentified man.

“I’m glad to be talking to you right now,” the police officer replies.

“Me, too,” says the man.

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