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26th February 2024
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Last week
18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Debunked: Norway has not deported 1,600 people from Somalia
This month
February 2024
Debunked: Galway Beo did not report that an old Eircom building would house 900 male migrants
FactCheck: Are there only 16,000 'natural' Irish speakers?
Debunked: Clip shows crowds at a pro-refugee rally last year, not an anti-immigrant protest
Debunked: Image of mountainous hay bales before Eiffel Tower is not a real photograph
Welfare payments, immigration and throuples: The false claims being made about the March referendums
Voters will go to the polls in the two referendums a month from today.
False claims circulating include that a Yes vote will negatively affect mothers.
Misinformation has also been spread about polygamy, and about changes to child benefit.
Independent legal experts say the proposed changes are symbolic and will have little impact in law.
FactCheck: The government is not offering tens of thousands to coax Indians to Irish islands
Last month
January 2024
FactFind: What is a ‘safe country of origin’ and how many asylum seekers come from one?
Debunked: Man arrested in Dublin City Centre was holding a toy gun, not a real firearm
Debunked: No, Ukrainian drivers aren't exempt from Irish laws or the need to be insured here
Debunked: Hoax ads featuring Alastair Campbell on the Late Late Show have proliferated on
FactCheck: Could the 'women in the home' referendum erase all references to women in the Constitution?
Debunked: Ceann Comhairle did not say immigrants were responsible for rising antisemitism
Debunked: Video does not show a diesel-powered generator recharging an electric Bus Éireann vehicle
FactCheck: People registered to vote don’t need to reapply or submit ‘additional information’
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Debunked: Misleading claims shared in Roscrea amid protests at Racket Hall
Councillor clarifies claim about now-closed alleyway being used during Dublin riots
Debunked: Planning files do not show that Ringsend building was to be used for asylum seekers
Debunked: No media 'blackout' on reporting clash in Tuam, as rumours and footage spread online
Conor McGregor: Is the UFC's biggest star becoming a poster boy for Ireland's far-right?
Debunked: No evidence to support claim that Ireland's population will drop by 72.4% by 2025
Debunked: Piers Morgan catching Covid-19 is not evidence of VAIDS, a made-up medical condition
Last year
Debunked: Dublin City Council did not rename 'Winter Lights' to avoid mentioning Christmas
Debunked: No evidence of Graham Linehan’s claims about crowdfunding and ‘top surgery’
Debunked: Video clip showing car theft in UK shared online with claims it was filmed in Ireland
Debunked: Picture of Irish homeless woman and children is an AI-generated image
Debunked: Currys say ‘mystery box’ posts on social media are a scam
Debunked: Photo of a child actor is not proof that Palestinians are faking casualties
Debunked: Gardaí have not installed 'watch towers' on O'Connell Street after riots in Dublin
Debunked: Old footage from Egypt shared with false claims it shows Israel storming Gaza hospital
FactCheck: False claims the army was deployed during Dublin City riots seen millions of times
Debunked: Fake News site spreads baseless claim of a second stabbing at a school in Ballymun
Major analysis shows how Irish disinformation ecosystem has been 'co-opted by far-right actors'
Ireland “a victim of Russian disinformation”, experts on Ukraine war say
Anti-immigration groups use Israel-Gaza violence to push antisemitism and Islamophobia online
Debunked: Years-old video of hospital bombing in Syria claimed to show strike on Gaza
Debunked: Photo of ‘corpse’ using phone isn't from Gaza; it actually shows a Halloween costume
FactCheck: Have 40,000 landlords really left Ireland's rental market in the past five years?