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Top comments of the week

Here’s our round-up of the most interesting and most popular comments from the past seven days. Did you make it in?

EVERY SATURDAY MORNING we take a look at all the best comments left on the site by our readers over the past seven days.

This week there was a lot of talk about the sad passing of two gentlemen, Yo and the World Cup, natch.

So here are the standout comments from the week that was.

The 6 most popular comments this week

Soccer - Louis Tomlinson's Doncaster Rovers Debut Source: Anna Gowthorpe

1. You could tell Dub_Del was proud of this one on a story about a man suing a hospital for making his penis one inch shorter. He got 2,151 thumbs up for it (the comment, not the inch, that is).

It will never stand up in court

2. Summer Bay Devil got 1,512 green thumbs for his honest answer about how he’d react to a basking shark. 

I would be confident that I still would soil myself nonetheless.

3. kjholt responds to Louis Tomlinson buying Doncaster Rovers. He managed to find 1,408 of your green thumbs. 

Fair play, was going to buy Bray Wanderers meself. Took the kids to the cinema instead.

4. At least 1,259 of you agreed with Ronandusty and his views on the Kenyan elephant that was killed this week. 

Poachers are filth. The people who buy ivory are filth. Trading in the future of the earths wildlife for a few pennys.

5. Aaron D took issue with an article posted from our international wires this week and 1,197 readers gave him their green thumbs. Noted. can do better than this bollocks. All this article will do is make people chuckle at the thought, when actually a real human being has died.There is no medical reason to believe he died because of staying up too long, this is mere speculation with no basis in fact or reason.

6. We’ve added one more to this list today to include Ursa Major who got 1,151 thumbs up for this. 

It takes 7 seconds for food to pass from the mouth to the stomach. A human hair can hold 3kg. The length of a penis is 3 times the length of the thumb. The femur is as hard as concrete. A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s. Women blink twice as much as men. A woman has read this entire post. A man is still looking at his thumb!

The top 5 articles which received the most comments this week

1. Shinnernomics: Opponents call them fantasy, so how realistic are Sinn Féin’s budget proposals? (180 comments)

2. On this day in 1974 the IRA bombed the Houses of Parliament in London (176 comments)

3. Young Fine Gael wants to reduce the minimum wage by €2 per hour (173 comments)

4. “I was shattered”: Nigerian man arrives home to racist protest on his doorstep (171 comments)

5. Rory McIlroy has declared for Ireland ahead of the 2016 Olympics (169 comments)

Some of the best comments left on the site this week

Last Sunday, we got you talking about the best of your Dad stories. This is a classic from Brian Farrell.

I was 11. My dad was a milkman. On Friday evenings I helped him collect the “milk money”. Whilst catching up with him on Home Lawns Ave I handed him a £10 note and said “da deich punt”He got an awful shock and started breaking his side (other words available) laughing. He though I’d call him a deaf /…..Which kinda made sense as he obviously was a little deaf.

PastedImage-12009 Source: Mark Graham

A much-loved Waterford man passed away this week, with many of our readers leaving their tributes for Tawdy. Tim Stephen Hendy remembers

Back in the very early 90s he lived on Waterside. My dad was the manager at the gasworks and let Tawdy live in one of the sheds there before they tore the whole place down. He was always polite and tidied up after himself. I never saw him again after that and left Waterford soon after.That he lived another two decades plus is a testament to his ability to eke out a meagre living and the degree to which the people of Waterford helped him out whenever they could.

Ireland also mourns the death of student travel pioneer Gordon Colleary this week. Frank Cronin pays tribute:

As CEO of the Sunday Tribune I spent five years working closely with Gordon, he was thoughtful, decent, supportive and fun. Whilst it was sad Vincent and Gordon lost their great bond, he remained a force for good against some powerful media figures. That spirit seems lost in the current media landscape. His great demeanor, bow tie and Joie De vivre will be greatly missed

Niall Harbison of Lovin’ Dublin created quite the controversy this week with a restaurant review turned opinion piece about some city residents. A local, Paul Seán Gannon, writes back:

I am 25 years of age born and bred in Pearse St and I have swam in the GCD area for many of years and long before all these upper class people started to flood into the are with their fancy new buildings restaurants and hotels. It’s all well and good making a change to the area but you can make changes to the area but you won’t take the people out of it. I hope for the next ten days of good weather that grand canal is flooded with swimmers and people enjoying the little bit of weather they get here once a year, not like the fancy holidays away four or five times a year like some of the owners of premises down there.

After watching a short film about Gerry Collins, many of you told us what you are grateful for. The entire thread is moving and here is just a small selection.

Paul burch:

I am grateful to a nurse in st. Vincents hospital who told me at the time if i had a ciggie, i would have gotten sick due to the medication they had me on. The following day, i gave up cigs and am now off them for 15 months now. Thankyou.

Martin J Smith:

I am grateful to have encountered this man who has inspired me and so many others, not just in the area of smoking but in the wider challenges of life.
I suffered a loss of my shoulder through a severe infection and am left with about 50% mobility and a lump of metal. This story and the strenght shown has made me recognise the positives rather than wallowing in the negative. At least I have 50% mobility that is better than none. Good on ya Gerry.

Heard much about World Cup widows this week? (If so, read this piece by Malachy Clerkin in the Irish Times). But what about World Cup grandsons, such as davey p?

My mam sent me up to my nana last night to shut all her windows for her, “because she’ll be getting cold now”, when i got there she goes off on one, “dont u touch them fecking windows, the russia match is at 11 and i’ll never stay awake with that heat, come back after the match”. If it was anybody else i’d have told them where to go.

And more on the World Cup from Niall H. We wish were there for this:

I pretended the Ivory Coast was Ireland and sang amhran na bhfiann at the start with the tv muted.
I then sat in a corner swaying back and forth clutching pictures of Robbie keane and mick McCarthyUp the republic!

Daisy Chainsaw sums up all our feelings about Kim Kardashian’s app. Ugh but lol.

If I find this on any of my friends’ phones, I’ll throw the accursed thing into a poo filled toilet so no amount of rice in a hotpress can save it.

What is your ice-cream of choice? Dónal Ó Maoláin thinks we were all codding ourselves with those Magnums.

People who bought Magnums didn’t really want them, it was just “Look at me, I’ve got 85p!”

Finally, we all enjoyed this after finding out about the popularity of the Yo app.


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