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Aoife Martin: Reflections on Pride 2023 - it really is for everybody
Aoife Martin: Elliot Page's book outlines the damage being closeted can do to your self-esteem
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Aoife Martin: We'll always have Casablanca - one of the Hollywood greats
Aoife Martin: When you question trans people's rights, it shows you see us as second-class citizens
Aoife Martin: 'Those who wouldn't cross the road for women's sport are now upset by trans women in sport'
Aoife Martin: Breaking up with your phone is hard but the dopamine rush was dwindling
Aoife Martin: Pride isn't just about rainbows and flags - it's about being seen
Aoife Martin: No, streaming can never beat the magic of the cinema
Aoife Martin: 'Trans people have existed since the first organism crawled out of the primordial soup'
Aoife Martin: The abuse endured by trans people every day shows Ireland has a long way to go
Aoife Martin: Forget Twitter doom-scrolling. Books help you escape the lockdown blues
Aoife Martin: 'There’s something magical about swimming. I float there, looking up at the blue sky'
Aoife Martin: 'There are few people as expert in their own healthcare as trans people are - we have to be'
Aoife Martin: 'It’s possible to be alone at Christmas and not be lonely'
'I read, watch movies, listen to music... My life, as a trans woman, is very ordinary indeed'