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Lise Hand: 'Journalism matters. And this week has been a crucial reminder of that'
'Here we are again. A global crisis rages and a government clown car is ablaze with a conflagration of its own making'
Lise Hand: A leadership race in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak? Labour can't catch a break
Lise Hand: Mary Lou was borne aloft in a tricolour-draped golden palanquin carved from the bones of fallen Elites
Lise Hand: After a long day, the prospect of an 'accidental' Green Taoiseach gave us 15 seconds of comedic drama
Lise Hand: We might get a female taoiseach but gender balance stays stubbornly skewed
Lise Hand: Reckoning day as 531 candidates put themselves at the mercy of democracy
Lise Hand: 'Nobody wiped the floor with anyone else... except perhaps Miriam O'Callaghan'
Lise Hand in London: 'Empires end, not with a bang, but with a last burst of delusion'
Lise Hand: Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are asking 'What can we do about Mary Lou?'
Lise Hand: Most voters in the real world don’t give a monkey's if Leo Varadkar smoked hash
Lise Hand: Will they? Won't they? Shades of Love Island as big parties can't avoid recoupling talk
Lise Hand: Meticulous election planning meaningless as parties skid on first banana skins