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Tuesday 2 January, 2018

Almost no change in house prices in second half of 2017 - but it doesn't mean a bubble has burst

The Central Bank’s mortgage rules are pivotal to the story of residential property in 2017, writes economist Ronan Lyons.

Thursday 31 October, 2013

Column: House prices are rising again, so should we be concerned about a bubble?

With property prices increasing in some parts of the country – and notably in Dublin – Ronan Lyons discusses whether we’re looking at a housing boom or a housing bubble.

Wednesday 9 January, 2013

Column: Want to value your house for the property tax? Here’s a guide.

There is confusion over the valuation of homes for the property tax, writes Ronan Lyons – so here’s a handy informal guide.

Wednesday 22 August, 2012

Column: Forget about our ‘economic sovereignty’ – let’s look at what matters

Fears over ceding our sovereignty are misplaced – people do it all the time, writes Ronan Lyons. Here’s what we should be focusing on instead.


Tuesday 6 March, 2012

Column: Fiscal compact? Time to send Merkozy back to Economics 101

The EU fiscal treaty shows a level of economic illiteracy that would embarrass most college students, writes Ronan Lyons.

Thursday 22 December, 2011

Column: Ireland’s addicted to property – and Noonan is risking another bubble

The Government is keeping us hooked on house buying exactly when it should be weaning us off, writes Ronan Lyons.

Wednesday 7 December, 2011

Column: Here’s why the VAT increase won’t send people flocking North

The VAT increase won’t lead to a repeat of 2008′s queues at the Border – but that doesn’t make it a good idea, writes Ronan Lyons.

Wednesday 30 November, 2011

Column: Rent supplement is supporting squalor – and keeping prices high

Through rent supplement the Government pays for an enormous amount of housing, writes Ronan Lyons. So why isn’t it using that to our advantage?

Friday 28 October, 2011

Column: A crash course in the economics of flooding

Economist Ronan Lyons looks at how floods affect our thinking – and wonders if we know enough about the risks.

Friday 9 September, 2011

Column: ‘Won’t somebody think of the children?’ Ireland in the 2050s

Worrying about the debt burden on our grandchildren has become a national pastime – but should we be panicking? Economist Ronan Lyons explains.

Wednesday 31 August, 2011

10 things you should know about Ireland’s mortgage debt and arrears

Economist Ronan Lyons sifts through the myths and figures being thrown about in the debate about whether there should be mortgage debt forgiveness.

Tuesday 23 August, 2011

Column: Should we let Michael O’Leary run our income tax system?

The Ryanair boss recently proposed a completely new tax system, but would it work? Economist Ronan Lyons finds out…

Saturday 30 July, 2011

Column: Here’s the real problem with the world economy

In Ireland and other similar countries, we worry about spending too much. Many people don’t have that luxury, writes economist Ronan Lyons.

Monday 18 April, 2011

Column: What the Friday Firesale tells us about Ireland's property market

Last week’s firesale of distressed properties saw the temporary return of property fever. But when the frenzy passed, economist Ronan Lyons believes the auction left us with some useful new information.

Tuesday 15 February, 2011

Two questions you must ask your candidates when they knock on your door

Economist Ronan Lyons unveils the two questions every voter should ask when the election candidates come calling.

Tuesday 25 January, 2011

A letter to the class of 2011, Ireland's luckiest generation

Economist Ronan Lyons doles out some valuable advice for this year’s batch of school-leavers, and points out all the reasons they have to be cheerful.

Tuesday 18 January, 2011

The Irish Bank Sandwich: Time for the EU to face up to reality

While the perception is that European taxpayers are helping to bail out Irish banks, it could be argued that the opposite is true.

Wednesday 8 December, 2010

Dude, where's my six billion? An economist's perspective on Budget 2011

Was everyone so busy denouncing what happened in the Budget, they forgot to look at what actually happened?

Tuesday 16 November, 2010

An Open Letter to Olli Rehn

Economist Ronan Lyons sets our new European Overlords straight on a few things.

Tuesday 9 November, 2010

You wait forever for some good economic news...

.. and then along comes 18 good headlines (and 1,200 jobs) all at once.

Tuesday 28 September, 2010

Overcoming our shyness

Or how education could be a €4 billion export business.