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US asks UN Human Rights Council to debate rights abuses in China's Xinjiang region
China shuns cooperation with UN human rights office over report into treatment of Uighur Muslims
China denounces UN report citing possible crimes against humanity in Xinjiang
Thousands of leaked photos and documents shed new light on China's 're-education' camps
Airbnb profits from Xinjiang, Tibet listings
China committed genocide by preventing births in the Uyghur population, report finds
Amnesty terms Chinese Uyghur abuses 'crimes against humanity'
China hits back after Britain imposes sanctions over treatment of people in Xinjiang
Chinese companies sanctioned by US government over complaints of Muslim abuse
Eight killed in knife attack on Chinese crowd
Police shoot six people dead after they 'tried to detonate bombs'
China places official death toll of 'gang attack' at 96
139 arrested in China for 'spreading jihad'
China state media says 27 killed in riots
China defines terrorism to win global support