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# afghanistan - Sunday 6 April, 2014

The 9 at 9: Sunday

It’s the last day of the weekend – and here’s everything you need to know as we start the day.

# afghanistan - Saturday 5 April, 2014

A life’s work: Stunning photos taken by journalist killed in Afghanistan Tribute This post contains images

A life’s work: Stunning photos taken by journalist killed in Afghanistan

The photojournalist was shot dead by police yesterday ahead of the country’s presidential election vote.

Afghan voters brave Taliban threats in historic election

Afghanistan’s third presidential election brings an end to 13 years of rule by Karzai, who has held power since the Taliban were ousted in 2001.

# afghanistan - Friday 4 April, 2014

Journalist shot dead in Afghanistan

Two female journalists were shot in a police station in Khoust – one has died and one is seriously injured.

# afghanistan - Sunday 9 March, 2014

This is the Afghanistan that never makes it into the headlines The Other Side This post contains images

This is the Afghanistan that never makes it into the headlines

These photos show a people trying to carry on with life among the chaos.

# afghanistan - Thursday 20 February, 2014

From The Daily Edge Little girl has no idea Dad is home from Afghanistan and hiding in a box Happy Birthday

# afghanistan - Thursday 6 February, 2014

Taliban capture US Military sniffer dog, insist he is ‘alive and well’

A video shows “Colonel” wearing a black vest with pouches for equipment and perking his ears when the militants begin chanting.

# afghanistan - Sunday 26 January, 2014

From The Daily Edge This recreation of Greased Lightning by some Swedish Marines is camp and fabulous Heading Up The 409

# afghanistan - Saturday 18 January, 2014

Co Derry resident among 21 killed in Kabul suicide attack

Simon Chase had been living in Limavady with his partner and children. It’s understood he was working with an EU police mission.

IMF and UN staff among dead in Kabul restaurant attack

A suicide bomber detonated his vest at the entrance to the Lebanese restaurant as two other militants opened fire on customers.

# afghanistan - Thursday 16 January, 2014

New video shows only American soldier still held by Taliban is alive

The video, sent to officials in the US, is the first proof in more than three years that Bowe Berghdal is still alive.

# afghanistan - Tuesday 24 December, 2013

The 39 photographs that took our breath away this year

From Commander Hadfield to Batkid, here are the most striking photographs from 2013.

# afghanistan - Thursday 19 December, 2013

Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale convicted of Lee Rigby murder

Rigby’s family said justice had been done, but “no amount of justice will bring Lee back”.

Don’t forget about them: Defence Forces abroad send Xmas wishes This post contains images

Don’t forget about them: Defence Forces abroad send Xmas wishes

Read messages to loved ones from those in some of the smaller overseas missions (where you may not even realise we have troops posted).

# afghanistan - Thursday 12 December, 2013

From The Score Ireland close in on victory over Afghanistan Howzat?

Ireland close in on victory over Afghanistan

The Irish need just five more wickets to regain the trophy.

# afghanistan - Saturday 7 December, 2013

Column: Should Ireland join NATO?

Forging closer ties with NATO could enable Ireland to combat global terrorism writes Colm Ó Broin.

# afghanistan - Saturday 30 November, 2013

From The Score Ireland win World Twenty20 qualifier final in impressive style Winners

Ireland win World Twenty20 qualifier final in impressive style

Paul Stirling top scored with 76 as his side set the fourth highest score in Twenty20 international cricket.

# afghanistan - Monday 25 November, 2013

Death by stoning may return as punishment for adultery in Afghanistan

The penalty for married adulterers, as well as 100 lashes by whip for unmarried offenders, appears in a draft revision of the country’s penal code.

# afghanistan - Thursday 21 November, 2013

Up to 12,000 troops to stay in Afghanistan after NATO mission ends

US Secretary of State John Kerry says the US role will be “limited”.

# afghanistan - Monday 18 November, 2013

Taliban using violence and threatening letters to control rural communities

A UN report has revealed some of the tactics of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

# afghanistan - Friday 8 November, 2013

British marine found guilty of murdering Afghan insurgent

The marine was convicted by a seven-strong board, consisting of officers and non-commissioned officers, following a two-week trial.

# afghanistan - Monday 28 October, 2013

Column: What you didn’t know about the real Afghanistan

The stories you’ve heard about Afghanistan won’t prepare you for what the country is really like: its colour, culture, laughter and resilience is amazing, writes Maya Pastakia.

Irish man considers joining British army to pull family out of poverty Exclusive

The 25-year-old father of two said he was told he would be expected to spend six months in Afghanistan if he enlisted.

# afghanistan - Tuesday 22 October, 2013

Amnesty report into US drone attacks raises possibility of war crimes

Amnesty International says that the US has failed to live up to its promise of openness with Pakistani villagers leaving in constant fear.

# afghanistan - Thursday 10 October, 2013

Malala wins prestigious Sakharov human rights prize

The 16-year-old who has become an emblem of the fight against the most radical forms of Islamism has also been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

# afghanistan - Tuesday 1 October, 2013

Ireland is the 12th best place in the world in which to grow old

The country receives a high ranking in the category that measures social connections and physical safety, but fares less well for ‘employment and education’.

# afghanistan - Sunday 22 September, 2013

What is it like to be a woman kidnapped by the Taliban?

As the Taliban ramps up its’ war on women, one lawmaker has told of her experience of being kidnapped.

# afghanistan - Wednesday 18 September, 2013

Column: The tragic killings of Afghan women are treated as mere statistics

Beatings, disfigurations, kidnappings and murders of women by relatives and armed groups are continuing in Afghanistan. Why are these horrifying crimes being brushed under the carpet? asks Horia Mosadiq.

# afghanistan - Friday 13 September, 2013

One killed, 18 injured in Taliban bomb at US consulate

The US State Department said there were no American casualties though four Afghan policemen were among the wounded.

# afghanistan - Monday 2 September, 2013

The 9 at 9: Monday

Good morning! Here are nine things you want to know as you start your day.

Taliban suicide bomb leads to three-hour shootout

The incident occurred near the Pakistani border.

# afghanistan - Friday 23 August, 2013

Fort Hood shooter found guilty, faces death penalty

Nidal Hasan had openly declared he carried out the killings, fuelling suspicions he is actively seeking the death penalty.

# afghanistan - Wednesday 21 August, 2013

A ‘Free Bradley Manning’ protest to be held at US Embassy, Dublin

The Irish Anti War Movement (IAWM) say they expect a crowd of between 10 and 100.

# afghanistan - Tuesday 20 August, 2013

Bradley Manning to be sentenced tomorrow

25-year-old Manning faces a maximum potential sentence of 90 years in jail.

# afghanistan - Wednesday 7 August, 2013

Fort Hood shooter is seeking death penalty in his own murder trial – lawyer

Lieutenant Colonel Kris Poppe urged a military judge to either prevent Major Nidal Hasan from representing himself at the high-profile trial or allow the court-appointed lawyers tasked with assisting him to be removed from the case.

# afghanistan - Saturday 27 July, 2013

Death toll in Pakistan twin suicide attacks rises to 57

Two bombers walked into crowded market as shoppers bought food to break their fasts at sunset for Ramadan.

# afghanistan - Sunday 21 July, 2013

How do you deliver mail where the streets have no name?

That’s the very dilemma facing postmen in Kabul, now a city of five million people.

# afghanistan - Sunday 14 July, 2013

More British soldiers killed themselves than died in Afghanistan last year

A total of 50 serving and veteran British soldiers died by suicide last year, more than the 40 who died in combat in Afghanistan.

# afghanistan - Thursday 4 July, 2013

Column: The reality of drone warfare – is it really a costless conflict?

Controversy over the United States’ use of drones has grown along with the body count, writes Scott Fitzsimmons and Karina Sangha – who say while drone operators are at minimal risk of suffering physical harm, they risk psychological damage.

# afghanistan - Wednesday 3 July, 2013

Column: ‘Life for an Afghan is random, ruthless and unforgiving’

After living in Afghanistan, I got to see first-hand what the people of that country go through, writes Noel Scanlon, who says he wishes he could be more optimistic about the country’s future.

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