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# column - Yesterday’s News


# column - Yesterday’s News

Victim-blaming culture makes it more difficult for women to get help

With recent high profile domestic violence cases, Margaret Martin of Women’s Aid reflects on society’s tendency to judge, shame and distrust victims.

How to get red hot chilli peppers to behave in your garden

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with chilli peppers

# column - Friday 26 August, 2016

Tom Clonan: The Catholic Church can either reform itself after the Maynooth mess - or risk looking like a Fr Ted episode

Change is hard in big organisations – but the Catholic Church’s approach to the problems in Maynooth have been less than encouraging.

# column - Tuesday 23 August, 2016

"I never imagined the State would use such underhanded tactics to try and shame a private citizen"

Homeless campaigner Erica Fleming says that false accounts have been spread to try and tarnish her reputation.

# column - Monday 22 August, 2016

Where will Namaleaks lead us? The answer depends on you

Julien Mercille is a member of the Namaleaks team. He explains why the site was set up.

If politicians are really interested in 'new politics' they should work to secure justice for the Clerys workers

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane argues that political parties can work together to produce legislation on protecting workers’ rights.

# column - Sunday 21 August, 2016

What should I do if I feel a fluttering feeling in my chest? Here's some advice from an expert

Patricia Hall from the Irish Heart Foundation talks about when you should worry about heart palpitations.

A mandatory retirement age is discriminatory. It just doesn't make sense in a changing Ireland

Age Action’s Justin Moran argues that as people live longer lives, it is time to remove barriers preventing older people from working.

# column - Saturday 20 August, 2016

'MMA is more of a game of chess than a sport for brutes - and regulated properly, it's extremely safe'

Mike Sheridan argues it’s time that mixed martial arts was recognised as an official sport in Ireland.

Add some flavour to your life: How to grow spring onions

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with spring onions, which are so easy to grow you can leave the kids in charge.

'Why would an adult woman want to parade herself around a Kerry tent?'

Lorraine Courtney argues that the Rose of Tralee competition is outdated and offensive to women.

# column - Friday 19 August, 2016

Is it safe to raise your child on a vegan diet?

Consultant dietitian Sarah Keogh argues children can be raised vegan, but it requires a lot of hard work from the parents.

From The42 'Get over yourselves and embrace the bandwagon, because we need their bums on our seats' Column

'Get over yourselves and embrace the bandwagon, because we need their bums on our seats'

John O’Sullivan on the hypocrisy of complaining about the 30,000 people who showed up to watch Dundalk while we cheer on the rowers in Rio.

A dawn raid, a bizarre press op - but the handling of the Hickey affair wasn't unusual by Brazilian standards

As we saw this week, Irish and Brazilian authorities have very different ways of operating, writes barrister Barry Ward.

# column - Thursday 18 August, 2016

Tom Clonan: Heavy bombers dropping 'full payload' have horrific effects on those below

More little boys like Omran Daqneesh will be butchered while the global implications of force projection are discussed in Moscow and Washington, security expert Tom Clonan writes.

# column - Monday 15 August, 2016

Tom Clonan: Why it's time to have an open and honest debate about our neutrality

Security expert Tom Clonan says any decisions about our status must be taken by the Irish people in a transparent and ethical manner.

# column - Sunday 14 August, 2016

Getting help: What to do if you or someone you know has an eating disorder

Eating disorders can affect anyone.

# column - Saturday 13 August, 2016

'They openly debated what sort of sex I had': What it was like being at the centre of the blood-ban case

Tomás Heneghan took a case against the Irish Blood Transfusion Service to get rid of the lifelong ban on gay men giving blood.

Grow it Yourself: Make your garden a little sweeter with some a-maize-ing corn

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with sweetcorn, a veg which tastes miles better when homegrown.

# column - Friday 12 August, 2016

From The42 Soccer Republic debate between Kerr and the FAI felt like a 0-0 draw Column

Soccer Republic debate between Kerr and the FAI felt like a 0-0 draw

League of Ireland columnist John O’Sullivan believes those passionate about the league need to make sure their anger doesn’t become noise.

# column - Thursday 11 August, 2016

'National unity is in the national interest': Gerry Adams argues it is time for a united Ireland

Gerry Adams says all parties should come together to talk about Irish unity.

# column - Sunday 7 August, 2016

'One of the most horrible experiences of my life': An Irish woman on travelling for an abortion

One reader tells us her story about having to travel to the UK for an abortion after her baby was diagnosed with a debilitating illness.

Getting married? Here's what every couple should do to prepare themselves

Marriage counsellor Dr Ray O’Neill tells us how to avoid the pitfalls of being in a long-term relationship.

# column - Saturday 6 August, 2016

What do I do if I find something unusual on my skin? Here's some advice from an expert

Roseleen Flaherty from the Irish Cancer Society talks about how to check if you have skin cancer.

'Imagine doing a day’s work for free and enjoying it'

Glen Murphy talks about his work for the Stradbally Woodland Railway in Laois.

Everything you wanted to know about tomatoes but were too afraid to ask

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with tomatoes, a family favourite for soups, salads, sauces and snacks.

# column - Friday 5 August, 2016

From The42 'Instead of a standing ovation, John Delaney became Marie Antoinette' Domestic Matters

'Instead of a standing ovation, John Delaney became Marie Antoinette'

League of Ireland columnist John O’Sullivan on why a measly injection of funding was the last thing clubs needed from the FAI.

# column - Tuesday 2 August, 2016

Fast trains and motorways may grab the headlines, but we actually need more buses

Ciarán Cuffe says we need to do more with less when it comes to public transport.

# column - Monday 1 August, 2016

'My sister was failed in life and in death': We need to restore the bereavement grant

Paddy Kevane talks about how lack of government support can impact families during an emotional period.

'One way of healing yourself is to own your story': Growing up in an abusive home

Poet Connie Roberts talks about her experiences growing up an abusive alcoholic father and attending an industrial school.

# column - Sunday 31 July, 2016

'I lost my partner to it': What it's like to live with Hepatitis C

When Emily Reaper was first diagnosed, there was no such thing as Hepatitis C.

Remembering the woman who stood up to the Catholic Church over mixed marriage

Sheila Cloney was caught in the middle of a fight which saw Catholics boycott Protestant businesses, farms and schools.

Mass graves, bodysnatchers and crematoriums: Ireland's history with death

The authors of Grave Matters talk about death through the ages.

# column - Saturday 30 July, 2016

Magic beans: Make your own hummus with broad beans

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with broad beans, a prolific and easy to grow veg.

# column - Tuesday 26 July, 2016

Vincent Browne: Terrorism works only with the complicity of the media and its sensational reporting

What is happening in Europe and the United States is not existential, writes Vincent Browne for

# column - Monday 25 July, 2016

Debate Room: Should we increase the minimum wage?

Unite and the Small Firms Association go head to head.

# column - Sunday 24 July, 2016

Working the frontline: Here's how I live on €23,171 (before tax) a year

‘My most foolhardy move?’ Leaving the private sector and joining An Garda Síochána, admits this frontline worker.

# column - Saturday 23 July, 2016

Charity founders are often strong personalities who are left unchallenged

In the wake of the Console scandal, Cormac O’Ceallaigh says we need to make sure this crisis never happens again.

For the love of cauliflower: A difficult veg to grow but it's worth it

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with cauliflower, a good alternative for rice and pizzas.

'Pundits are terrified of being proven wrong by Donald Trump again. I'm not'

Larry Donnelly says he would bet a lot of money on Hillary Clinton being the next US president.

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