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# column - Today’s News

Opinion: Does money really buy happiness?

A recent trip down the Revenue office got me thinking…

# column - Yesterday’s News

Column: Remembering the American Civil War through one Irish family’s story

It was a long time ago, but the last pensioned Irish veteran of the American Civil War was still alive in 1950.

Extract: The role of the media in the Irish economic crisis

Some commentators have noted that Irish news organisations failed to give proper warnings of the impending crash. But why?

# column - Saturday 18 October, 2014

Opinion: Can ‘digital detoxing’ help tech companies to grow?

The number of emails, Skype calls, Basecamp updates, Facebook notifications can be never-ending and more importantly – very time consuming.

Opinion: ‘Fat shaming’ is not the way to encourage healthy eating

Rather than scaremongering children into thinking that eating sweet food will make them (horror of horrors) fat, let’s teach them about being healthy.

Aaron McKenna: This government is engineering its own downfall through Irish Water

It is difficult to imagine how otherwise ostensibly politically-savvy people conceived of Irish Water in its current form.

# column - Friday 17 October, 2014

Opinion: A holy war? Examining the relationship between religion and violence

Is a clash of ideologies tearing apart the fabric of world order?

Column: What is life like in a city hit by Ebola? An Irish voice from Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a very friendly, sociable place but that is changing. People are avoiding church and the mosque, and shops have chlorine buckets outside for people to wash their hands before they enter.

Opinion: Don’t despair if your child doesn’t love to read – it’s all about finding the right book

For every child who reads voraciously and indiscriminately, there is one who can’t relate to the books their parents are urging them to read. Solution? Find a book THEY love.

# column - Wednesday 15 October, 2014

Opinion: Stuttering is unforgiving – it never rests – but despite it I’ve found my true voice

A person hanging up the phone as you attempt to say hello or an awkward smile on a listener’s face can be excruciating, but I’ve come to a point where I truly accept my stutter.

From The Score Stuart Byrne column: No better feeling than winning the title on the final day Run-in

Stuart Byrne column: No better feeling than winning the title on the final day

If Dundalk and Cork City both claim victories this week, they will clash in a winner-takes-all at Oriel Park next Friday.

Opinion: ‘Direct provision’ is a holding pen where people are kept for efficient deportation

The living conditions endured by residents of direct provision centres is finally receiving scrutiny; but will the working group charged with examining the system improve it?

Opinion: Budget 2015 is over… so have we left austerity behind?

The Finance Minister undoubtedly thought the best tactic was to make as few changes as possible, but will the Irish people be better off now?

# column - Tuesday 14 October, 2014

Opinion: I’ve always had a passion for maths but was often unmotivated – until now

Transition Year student Hannah Leonard describes the inspiring experience of being a competitor in the MATHletes Challenge 2014.

Vlog: Emigrating with other people can be tough… emigrating alone can be much tougher

New surroundings, new climate and a language barrier – never mind not knowing anybody – can make settling into a different country hard.

# column - Monday 13 October, 2014

Opinion: Human rights must be put at the heart of the budgetary process

If human rights matter to our government, they must play a significant role in shaping budgetary decisions.

Column: Women, the elderly, and the disabled are disproportionately hit by natural disasters

Surely powerful natural events like cyclones and tsunamis should be indiscriminate in their destruction? The figures tell a different story.

# column - Sunday 12 October, 2014

Opinion: How do you find the balance between your everyday life and spiritual experience?

Those moments of reflection and tuning out the hustle and bustle will make you a more effective person in your general life.

Opinion: What’s with all the extreme fitness challenges?

Endurance challenges are becoming more commonplace, but what are we trying to prove?

Open Letter: It’s time to stamp out sexism in sports journalism

As a freelance journalist covering rugby, I have seen how we are still a long way off from achieving gender equality.

# column - Saturday 11 October, 2014

Opinion: The McNulty affair shows political reform has misplaced focus

Appointing party members to state boards is actually defensible in many ways, writes Eoin O’Malley.

These handy tips will help develop your child’s maths skills (without them knowing it)

Fun ways to make maths count without it being a chore.

Opinion: Are women less competitive than men?

On average, women are less confident about competing than their male counterparts. Why?

Aaron McKenna: The Central Bank mortgage restrictions make great sense – here’s why

With these rules in place, property prices will tied to people’s incomes rather than crazy speculations.

# column - Friday 10 October, 2014

Opinion: Communities are reaching boiling point over unfair water charges

People see the concept of charging for a basic human right for what it is – a deeply unfair political choice.

Opinion: Questions remain unanswered over the Tuam mother-and-baby home

To understand what happened, it is vital to hold inquests into the deaths of all those buried at the site of the former home.

# column - Thursday 9 October, 2014

Opinion: Ireland has a long tradition of volunteering, we should continue to build on it

Solidarity with our fellow global citizens is critical to embracing the global development challenges of the 21st century.

Opinion: A lack of vision has failed people at all levels of our housing system

There are now 90,000 households on social housing waiting lists in Ireland, thanks to an over-reliance on schemes that are cut as soon as the economy falters.

Opinion: Losing my sight at 23 was traumatic, but my dog is with me every step of the way

What my sight loss has shown me is that we can’t control what happens to us – we can only control how we deal with it.

# column - Wednesday 8 October, 2014

Column: Long-overdue Bill will bring sweeping changes our understanding of ‘family’

A new Bill under consideration would herald extensive changes to family law in Ireland, although the issue of surrogacy is still not addressed.

Opinion: How can we make the budgeting process fairer and more democratic?

Drafting a budget, or any form of legislation, will always be a difficult and divisive task but there are ways of listening to all sections of society in the process.

My Story: I have multiple sclerosis, but it doesn’t define me

My Story: I have multiple sclerosis, but it doesn’t define me

Multiple sclerosis progresses differently for every person and while some individuals suffer great difficulties, others have thriving work, romantic and social lives.

# column - Tuesday 7 October, 2014

Opinion: The gender gap in sport is narrowing – let’s keep going in the right direction

Women and girls are participating more in sports, and more consistently, in part because of strong examples set by homegrown female athletes.

# column - Monday 6 October, 2014

Photo Essay: Cork life in the 1960s

Photo Essay: Cork life in the 1960s

Anthony Barry might be best known for his business, Barry’s Tea, and his time as a TD and senator, but he was also a talented street photographer.

Column: In El Salvador, a total ban on abortion has led to death and decades of imprisonment

In El Salvador, one of only nine countries in the world that has a total ban on abortion, suicide accounts for 57% of all deaths of pregnant girls aged under 19.

# column - Sunday 5 October, 2014

Column: The five steps to emotional well-being

Positive mental health is a journey – sometimes enlightening, sometimes challenging, but most definitely worthwhile.

Opinion: Life is for living, not browsing, so switch off that smartphone

Tell the truth: how long do you think you could go without looking at your phone?

Opinion: 4 things that can be implemented in the Budget to promote economic growth

For Ireland’s recovery is to be truly successful, our growth must be sustainable – and felt throughout the entire country – writes Ian Talbot of Chambers Ireland.

# column - Saturday 4 October, 2014

Opinion: Is it worse for your child to bite, or be bitten?

It now seems ‘the first bite’ has been added to the long list of modern-day childhood milestones.

Aaron McKenna: How can we bring our emigrants home?

The energy and vibrancy of younger workers is what drives an economy on – but, quite apart from that, emigration is a poignant human tragedy.

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