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Open letter to Ban Ki-Moon: ‘Ireland’s commitments to human rights are being weakened ‘

The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, will visit next week to mark the 60th anniversary of Ireland joining the UN.

‘My life in Ireland is the normal tapestry of pleasure and pain – but the good far outweighs any bad’

It took me a little time to get used to a new culture, but I have discovered that Irish people love spreading happiness and positivity.


# column - Thursday 21 May, 2015

It’s not scaremongering to look at the bioethical implications of the marriage referendum

Both surrogacy and donor-conception require more, not less, ethical discussion before the Government’s plans in this area become formalised in law.

‘My experience in Ireland has been quite simply incredible’

My life here has given me amazing opportunities as a professional musician. I don’t miss a lot of things from Kinshasa (apart from the sun, obviously).

I get annoyed when it is assumed that older people in rural Ireland will vote No

Former president of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association, Mamo McDonald, explains why she will be voting Yes tomorrow.

# column - Wednesday 20 May, 2015

‘Children are being targeted by snipers and civilians shot in the street’ Syria This post contains images

‘Children are being targeted by snipers and civilians shot in the street’

Irish aid worker David Adams visited a clinic that helps to rehabilitate some of the casualties of the Syrian conflict.

That handshake was a publicity coup for Sinn Fein – why were the opposition missing in action?

Why did the State foot the bill for Sinn Fein’s biggest publicity stroke as Gerry Adams shook the hand of Prince Charles, while the Taoiseach and opposition leaders were nowhere to be seen, asks Paul Allen.

The story of us: “I have never felt luckier or like I was on a bigger adventure”

Long-term couples talk about their lives together – and their hopes for the future – ahead of Friday’s vote on same-sex marriage.

# column - Tuesday 19 May, 2015

‘The marriage referendum proposal could affect future laws relating to children’

Solicitor Eileen King writes about why a group of lawyers are advocating a No vote this Friday.

What are the economics of same-sex marriage?

Dr Daragh McGreal discusses the potential economic impact of the same-sex marriage vote.

That ‘other referendum’ could bridge a gap between the Irish and English versions of our Constitution

Given the significant gap that currently exists in the translation of Bunreacht na hÉireann, there is a good reason to pass this second referendum.

# column - Monday 18 May, 2015

It’s official: I’ve found my first grey hair… The inevitable is happening.

It’s fair to say that I’ve developed a slight hang up about getting older.

We’re being short-changed by the ‘other referendum’

The presidential age referendum is a watered-down version of attempts at real political reform.

# column - Sunday 17 May, 2015

I don’t want to ‘lose’ my stutter – I want to be someone who accomplishes great things, and also stutters

Stuttering is unlike anything else. There is no absolute cure, but learning to be confident despite it can help us reach our full potential.

What I’ve learned through my career as a counsellor

People are different – from each other and from what the books say. A “textbook case” is rare, if not non-existent.

My wonderful gay family: I was raised by two loving, beautiful lesbian mums

As a child raised by gay parents, I can tell you that my childhood was full of joy and laughter and the same as yours in every way that matters.

# column - Saturday 16 May, 2015

My No vote isn’t about faith, it’s about children

If we redefine marriage, we change our Constitution to require that some children will be left motherless or fatherless by design

Time to get sowing! These are the crops you should be planting this week

Squashes are incredibly delicious and they store well – so they can certainly start you on your path to self-sufficienty.

‘Got a big Irish Water bill? Alright – now fix that leak’

People are finally talking about ways to flush less drinking water down their toilets. Why? Because that water is going to cost them money.

# column - Friday 15 May, 2015

Why voting No won’t tackle the ethical challenges around surrogacy or donor conception

The ethical issues surrounding surrogacy and donor conception arise both straight and gay couples.

From The42 Rugby could be the winner in planned switch to summer football Grassroots

Rugby could be the winner in planned switch to summer football

National leagues at U17 and U19 level will align with the SSE Airtricity League from March of next year, writes John O’Sullivan in his latest column.

Marriage is the only institution which unites children with their mother and father

People need to ask themselves if Ireland should eliminate from law the sole institution that unites kids with their mam and dads.

Whatever happens, government may regret activating so many young, idealistic voters

The result of the marriage referendum is far from a foregone conclusion. But one thing’s certain: we now have many more young and passionate voters in this country.

# column - Thursday 14 May, 2015

‘The presidency should be about vision and energy – not stepping towards retirement’

The opportunity to lower the age of eligibility for the president is about giving Irish people more choice, not forcing their hand.

What kind of food do we want to eat? It’s a big question of our time…

What kind of food do we want to eat? On what kind of farms do we want to see it produced? It’s long past time to have these discussions.

# column - Wednesday 13 May, 2015

Will the UK leave the EU …and what would it mean for Ireland if it did?

The prospect of the UK leaving the EU presents a massive challenge to the future of the European Union; its entire viability is at stake.

Why is Ireland snubbing talented citizens who live abroad?

We need to attract experienced members of our diaspora back home to drive economic growth. Refusing them the right to vote pushes them further away.

# column - Tuesday 12 May, 2015

Fear is the enemy of love – on 22nd May we have a chance to choose love

We can help heal Ireland and send a powerful message to the world about what kind of people we are.

Our attention is pulled in so many directions these days – we need to find a sense of calm

It is estimated that over 60,000 thoughts flow through our mind every day (and most of them are repeats).

# column - Monday 11 May, 2015

‘We can protect the rights of gay people without redefining the meaning of marriage’

If the amendment is accepted, it will prevent the State from adopting a constitutional or legislative stance in relation to a vision of the family which would prioritise the parental roles of mothers and fathers, writes Mattie McGrath TD

Everyone has a skill to share, even if they don’t shout about it… why not volunteer?

A growing number of employers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience.

# column - Sunday 10 May, 2015

What is the enduring appeal of an artist like Bowie?

David Bowie has captured popular imagination for decades; what are the historical, cultural and political reasons for this?

What value are we putting on higher education?

Demand for education expanded during the crisis and it looks set to grow further. We must respond proactively.

Hunting for a job? Here are some tips (whether you’re 25 or 50)

The cold, hard fact is that when you are looking for a job, you’re in sales – so sell yourself.

# column - Saturday 9 May, 2015

We cannot vote. We need you to stand in our place.

As an emigrant, I’m urging people to go to the polls on 22 May. Every single vote matters.

Five presents you should never buy other people’s kids

All ye generous friends and family out there, please remember – a present is for life, not just for the first five minutes.

Do we really need to mollycoddle so many apathetic people into voting?

Democracy is on the brain following the shock UK general election result and the pending marriage referendum here…

# column - Friday 8 May, 2015

We’re becoming removed from our food – let’s get back to our roots

Growing food helps us to get under the bonnet and take a good look at what food is all about.

Alice Perry: The first female Engineering graduate in Ireland

The Galway woman was “the first lady to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in the UK”, graduating with first class honours in 1906.

# column - Thursday 7 May, 2015

‘You can’t fire a mortar and target your enemy precisely – I can say that with confidence’

A former IDF Commander writes about civilian casualties in Gaza.

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