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# column - Yesterday’s News


# column - Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Hillary won because Trump was either not prepared or he grew tired and bored

The race for the White House remains Hillary Clinton’s to lose, writes Larry Donnelly.

# column - Sunday 25 September, 2016

Opinion: "I'm 22. She's 22. I'm in no position to care for a child. How the hell is this supposed to work?"

We had nobody to help us. It’s a disgusting feeling, the feeling of exile.

"Ireland seems to be far down the list of desired destinations for these refugees"

Will our children judge us for not doing enough for migrants the way we now wonder about Ireland’s response to the migrant crisis after World War II, asks Barry Ward.

Column: The US football players kneeling for the national anthem are doing something important

There is a long history of athletes taking a stand for justice, writes Julien Mercille.

# column - Saturday 24 September, 2016

Vincent Browne: I'm no friend of Gerry Adams, but the BBC Spotlight programme on him was tittle-tattle

The programme was compromised from the outside, filled with bullshit drama effects alongside dodgy journalism, writes Vincent Browne.

Opinion: Staffless libraries are a terrible idea for Ireland

Staffless libraries are the first step towards the dismantling of the public library system as it is known and cherished.

# column - Thursday 22 September, 2016

Column: The people of O'Devaney Gardens deserve better than the prejudice they have faced

I grew up in O’Devaney Gardens and it was a great place to live – it would be sad to see it fall into a private developer’s hands, writes Rose Fleming

'I need a new sleeping bag, some lady poured water down on top of me while I slept'

Sleeping in pairs is the safest way to survive rough sleeping. It means having someone to watch your back, provide company and even body heat, writes Martina Bergin from the Dublin Simon Community.

# column - Wednesday 21 September, 2016

Tom Clonan: 2016 has become the year of the lone wolf attack carried out by angry young men

Unless we address the issues of gun control, male violence, rage and alienation, we will see more and more lone wolf attacks, writes Tom Clonan.

# column - Sunday 18 September, 2016

'He confirmed what I had known for hours - there was no heartbeat'

One reader tells us her story about having a miscarriage, to encourage others to talk about an issue which ends one in four pregnancies.

Want to know how to manage migraine? Here's some advice from an expert

Jane Whelan from the Migraine Association of Ireland gives advice about how to manage and live with migraine.

All's fair in love and war? Not when it comes to war crimes

Professor of international criminal justice, Dr Niamh Howlin, says countries and individuals can be held responsible for the things they do during war time.

25 years of breathing through a straw - this is what it's like to live with cystic fibrosis

Luke Doherty has had cystic fibrosis all his life. Now he has a new set of lungs and wants to share his story.

# column - Saturday 17 September, 2016

'We don't want a pay increase; we are demanding pay restoration for our vulnerable colleagues'

ASTI representative Ciara Kinsella explains why secondary school teachers are considering going on strike.

Jerusalem artichoke - the tasty, popular veg with a dark secret

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with Jerusalem artichoke, a veg that’s become increasingly popular in high-end restaurants.

Do you know your 'blind spots'? How to look after your mental health

The CEO of the Psychological Society of Ireland gives practical tips on how to encourage positive mental well-being.

# column - Friday 16 September, 2016

'Water charges would already be abolished, if we had a functioning democracy'

Domestic water charges are economically inefficient, environmentally unsound and socially destructive, writes David Gibney.

# column - Wednesday 14 September, 2016

'When it comes to our weekly weigh-in, all five of us are really nervous'

This week, Celebrity Operation Transformation participant Brenda Donohue talks about how the most convenient food often isn’t the most healthy.

# column - Monday 12 September, 2016

After Apple: Ireland's taxation regime has become a source of embarrassment to our people

Ireland needs a serious discussion about what part we want to play in the fight against tax avoidance, writes Matt Carthy.

'We just want to speak our own language, in our own country'

After the news last week that a barman left his job after he was banned from speaking Irish, Aodhán Ó Deá says he has also experienced negative reactions when he has spoken as Gaeilge.

From The42 Don't overdo it as you try and get back up to speed Column

Don't overdo it as you try and get back up to speed

As the evenings get shorter, many are refocusing on their training but it’s important to beware of a few pitfalls, writes David Last.

From The42 The Redzone: The 'just win, baby' mantra lives on in Oakland Conversion

The Redzone: The 'just win, baby' mantra lives on in Oakland

Steve O’Rourke doesn’t want to get too carried away with the Raiders’ late heroics last night. But will anyway.


If you use Whatsapp, your data is about to become the property of Facebook

Julien Mercille explains how you can take steps to protect your data.

# column - Sunday 11 September, 2016

'I cannot save my daughter, and it destroys me. The one kindness we can do is shield her from pain'

An Irish couple who are expecting a baby, and who received a diagnosis of fatal foetal abnormality, write about their ordeal for

Don't get the recommended amount of exercise? You could be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Sinead Powell from Diabetes Ireland outlines the risk factors and symptoms of diabetes, and how to manage the condition.

'I knew it had to happen, but the reality was that stepping away from the panel terrified me'

Cavan footballer Alan O’Mara has written a memoir about his struggles with depression. An extract from his book, The Best is Yet to Come, tells about his choice to take a break from the game.

# column - Saturday 10 September, 2016

'There is no fallback when it is the carer who needs to be cared for'

Siobhain Topping’s mother, who is the full-time carer for her husband, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. They could only get 14 Home Care hours.

Turnip up: a veg that is tasty and easy to grow

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with white turnips – perfect for casseroles and soups.

'I didn't wake up fat. The weight just crept on over the years'

Jules Coll had gastric bypass-surgery, as shown on RTÉ’s documentary Nine Stone Lighter. She wrote her new book, Flabyrinth, about how the weight loss was just the beginning.

# column - Friday 9 September, 2016

From The42 Pressures from both sides of the world are in danger of ruining one of rugby's great traditions Column

Pressures from both sides of the world are in danger of ruining one of rugby's great traditions

Tommy Martin believes the Lions tour in its current state could be in trouble due to the self-interests of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

What do women want to change about Ireland? #FeministAgenda is trying to find out

Orla O’Connor from the National Women’s Council of Ireland on the issues that matter most to women.

# column - Thursday 8 September, 2016

'All we want is fair pay for a job that we do well' - a Dublin Bus driver gives his take on their strike

Bus driver Fergal Fay talks about why he and his fellow drivers are striking.

The US Electoral College: An Explanation and a Defence

Those outside the US tend to regard the Electoral College with a mixture of profound suspicion and incomprehension. In truth, it is easier to demystify than, for instance, the myriad nuances of Irish parliamentary elections, writes Larry Donnelly.

# column - Wednesday 7 September, 2016

'It was always heartless and cruel to ask bereaved families to pay for crash reports'

Founder of PARC road safety group Susan Gray has welcomed the Garda Commissioner’s decision to lift the charges for documentation.

'I was one of those people who hammered himself in the gym and still ate all the wrong foods'

This week, Celebrity Operation Transformation participant Karl Spain talks about the importance of eating right.

# column - Sunday 4 September, 2016

'I walked past people with signs about how I was a murderer': Getting an abortion as a teenager

One reader tells us her story about having to travel to the UK for an abortion after an unplanned pregnancy at 19.

Worried about financial security? Here are 7 tips on how to get the right pension

The Money Doctor, John Lowe, explains how to make to most of your money and ensure you have enough to retire on.

# column - Saturday 3 September, 2016

"My generation are shackled by the mistakes of institutions which should have known better"

Kian Griffin argues that young motorists are being left to foot the bill for a broken system.

Claytonia: Not a metal band - a super-food you can grow in your back garden

Michael Kelly continues his Grow It Yourself series with claytonia, a leafy veg containing tons of vitamins and which will grow right through winter.

Ignore the sexist advice - wear your engagement ring with pride, ladies

Lorraine Courtney takes issue with the advice that women shouldn’t wear their engagement rings to job interviews.

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