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# india - Yesterday’s News


# india - Friday 17 March, 2017

Two nuns and priest arrested over cover up of baby born to girl allegedly raped by another priest

The teenage girl told investigators that the Catholic priest raped her at a church-run school last year.

# india - Thursday 16 March, 2017

Indian police say Danielle McLaughlin was raped as they charge 23-year-old with her murder Goa

Indian police say Danielle McLaughlin was raped as they charge 23-year-old with her murder

CCTV footage has emerged showing some of McLaughlin’s last moments.

# india - Wednesday 15 March, 2017

Mother of Donegal woman murdered in India: 'Danielle will be sadly missed by us all'

Danielle McLaughlin was found dead yesterday morning.

Murder investigation launched into death of Irish woman in India

The woman’s family have asked that their privacy be respected by the media.

# india - Tuesday 7 March, 2017

Indian police find 19 female foetuses dumped in sewer

Women in India can face pressure to produce male children, who are seen as breadwinners.

# india - Monday 20 February, 2017

Clare woman secures legal rights over twins that were born through surrogate in India

The judge wished the couple and their two children ‘all the best and happiness’.

# india - Sunday 12 February, 2017

Filmmakers order to cut Bollywood scenes that poked fun at lawyers

The ruling was over the comedy-drama JollyLLB 2.

# india - Saturday 11 February, 2017

An Indian schoolbook advised children to suffocate kittens

It was part of an experiment designed to show what would happen to an animal in an airtight box – the result isn’t too surprising.

India could be the home of the next Mark Zuckerberg

Success stories include Flipkart, Amazon’s rival in India, and online supermarket Big Basket.

# india - Sunday 22 January, 2017

There are fears the death toll will rise after India's latest rail disaster kills 36

This crash is the latest in a long line of fatal rail incidents in the country.

# india - Thursday 19 January, 2017

At least 15 children dead in horror schoolbus crash in India

Around 400 road users die in India per day. The country has one of the worst records worldwide on road safety.

# india - Saturday 14 January, 2017

How the son of Ireland's richest man lost his job leading India's biggest company

Cyrus Mistry was the CEO of Tata Group, a gigantic conglomerate which owns more than 100 businesses.

# india - Thursday 5 January, 2017

Indian police say there is 'no evidence' of mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve

Local reports featured testimony and photos of victims cowering from their attackers or fleeing for safety.

# india - Tuesday 3 January, 2017

Indian minister blames wave of sexual assaults on women 'dressing like westerners'

“They try to copy westerners not only in mindset, but even the dressing.”

# india - Tuesday 27 December, 2016

Fifteen injured as plane skids off runway and spins 360 degrees

Jet Airways said the plane, which was bound for the western city of Mumbai, had veered off the runway while aligning for take-off.

# india - Saturday 24 December, 2016

India has begun building a HUGE new statue that will cost over €500 million

India’s far-right BJP government presides over a population that remains one of the poorest in the world.

# india - Thursday 22 December, 2016

India's rape epidemic: The survivors speak

Each day in India, 92 women are raped. A group of rape survivors spoke to on a recent visit.

# india - Wednesday 21 December, 2016

15-year-old Nepali girl banished for menstruating dies in a cowshed

Some Hindus view menstruating women as impure. The girls are sometimes forced to remain in a hut or cowshed for days,

# india - Tuesday 13 December, 2016

Around 20 Indian cinema-goers arrested for failing to stand for national anthem

In October, a wheelchair-user was assaulted in a Mumbai cinema for failing to stand for the anthem.

# india - Saturday 10 December, 2016

Professional snake catchers: How this Indian tribe saves lives by harvesting venom

The Irula tribe captures snakes to harvest their venom before returning them to nature.

# india - Sunday 4 December, 2016

Spending a day in Delhi is the equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes. We went to see for ourselves

The pollution during our visit was so bad you could taste and smell it.

# india - Wednesday 23 November, 2016

India's Minister for Women says country's rape problem is 'exaggerated'

Maneka Gandhi claimed India was in the bottom four countries in the world when it came to rape.

# india - Sunday 20 November, 2016

Death toll rises to 120 in horror Indian train crash

Most of the passengers were asleep at the time of the accident. At least 150 more have been injured.

# india - Friday 18 November, 2016

Dozens of Indians call hospital to donate kidneys to foreign minister

Sushma Swaraj is being treated for kidney failure.

# india - Monday 24 October, 2016

From The Daily Edge Pierce Brosnan has found himself in the middle of a bizarre controversy in India Culture Clash

Pierce Brosnan has found himself in the middle of a bizarre controversy in India

The actor appeared in ads for a ‘mouth freshener’ that has been linked to poor health – now he wants nothing to do with the brand.

# india - Monday 10 October, 2016

Family faces homicide charges after girl (13) dies following 68-day fast

The girl was reportedly fasting in accordance with an ancient religious ritual.

# india - Tuesday 27 September, 2016

Political activists have killed dogs, mounted them on a pole and paraded them in southern India

The protesters carried the pole with the dogs hanging by their legs through the streets of a town in Kerala state.

UN agency says 681 people died in Ireland from air pollution in one year

The UK had 16,355 deaths from air pollution in the same year, according to a WHO report released today.

# india - Sunday 25 September, 2016

India's poor fear the impact of a crackdown on commercial surrogacy

Authorities are planning to ban commercial surrogacy in the country over exploitation concerns.

Coronation Street actor fired over series of "racially offensive" tweets

Marc Anwar has played the character of Sharif Nazir on the soap since 2014.

# india - Friday 23 September, 2016

"Someone must be held accountable" - two Indian men cleared of rape and murder of British teenager

15-year-old Briton Scarlett Keeling was drugged, raped, and murdered on a beach in Goa in February 2008.

# india - Monday 12 September, 2016

Two women in India have been gang-raped "for eating beef"

The suspects have been arrested and charged with rape and murder.

# india - Sunday 11 September, 2016

Two elephants accidentally electrocuted in India

Locals said the second elephant was electrocuted while trying to pull the first one away from the electricity pole.

# india - Wednesday 7 September, 2016

Seven people arrested in India after 'black magic' killings

Two men were killed after allegedly murdering four people, including a child.

# india - Wednesday 17 August, 2016

Tragedy in India as children killed in kite-flying accident

Glass is stuck to kite strings in order to cut down competitors’ kites – but fatally injured three people.

# india - Tuesday 16 August, 2016

Elephant that travelled 1,700km from India to Bangladesh dies despite efforts to save him

The distressed animal was tranquillised three times in bids to transport him to a safari park.

# india - Thursday 11 August, 2016

Elephant who walked 1,000km after becoming separated from its herd rescued

The distressed female ran amok after it was hit by a tranquilliser dart and charged into a pond.

# india - Monday 25 July, 2016

Israeli woman allegedly raped by two men in Indian resort town

The woman told police she was attacked after flagging down what she thought was a taxi.

# india - Monday 18 July, 2016

Indian student gang raped second time by same men, say police

The student was found unconscious in bushes on the side of a highway last Wednesday night following the attack.

# india - Sunday 17 July, 2016

21 men die in India after drinking toxic bootleg alcohol

Police in Uttar Pradesh state’s Etah district said the victims started to vomit and fall sick on Friday.

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