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Dublin: 13 °C Sunday 4 October, 2015


# opinion - Today’s News

Is it time America had a woman president?

Here in Ireland, the question repeatedly posed to me by family, friends and colleagues is: “Will it be Hillary?” writes Larry Donnelly.

A wealth tax is a possibility. You don’t need to be a member of the far left to call for this

Instead of cutting taxes and USC, politicians should start spending more, writes Julien Mercille.

We were better parents before smartphones

There’s something slightly tragic about the sight of a two -year-old tugging at his mother’s trouser leg as she scrolls or the kid who is perilously close to falling off the high bars as Dad checks the latest score, writes Claire Micks.

From The42 How does Gary Neville see Sunday’s Arsenal-Man United game panning out? Opinion

How does Gary Neville see Sunday’s Arsenal-Man United game panning out?

The former player is impressed by what he has seen at Old Trafford of late.

# opinion - Yesterday’s News

Let’s be honest: It secretly sucks when your BFF gets a boyfriend

I’ve been ditched by my best friend because of her new boyfriend. Maybe you think I’m jealous or I’m chasing after someone who has no interest in hanging out anymore, but this is my best friend, writes Christine Allen.

Food growing isn’t just for culchies with ten acres, you can even grow stuff at your desk

We know that many people who are interested in growing their own are a little daunted by the whole thing – but it’s no big deal, trust me, writes Michael Kelly.

‘David is 22, he has a college degree and is a wheelchair user. All he wants is a job’

For those with a disability, having a job would do wonders for thier sense of participation and her self-respect. It would also help pay the bills, writes John Dolan who says the governments new plan needs substance not spin.

# opinion - Friday 2 October, 2015

From The42 Former Man United striker says football can learn a lot from the Rugby World Cup Lessons To Learn

More women will be in the next Dáil — that would be the case even without gender quotas

With no guarantee that more women on the ballot means more in the Dáil, maybe the entire system needs to change?

Ireland and the spud go hand-in-hand, but they’re in decline. Myth they’re fattening is damaging

Spuds have a particular image problem among young women – ask a group of your female friends to come up with a word to describe potatoes and “fattening” is likely to be the most common response, writes Michael Kelly.

# opinion - Thursday 1 October, 2015

Living on pot noodles and cereal: ‘It’s hard living out of bags in one hotel room with your children’

Families on the streets, living in hotel rooms and living on next to nothing – this is happening every day in this country and it needs to end, writes Rory Hearne.

# opinion - Wednesday 30 September, 2015

Short of breath? Have trouble sleeping and feel uneasy? You could have an anxiety disorder

We all have anxiety in our lives but when it interferes with your ability to lead a normal life it becomes a disorder, writes psychologist Leticia Gavin.

From The42 Failure in their own tournament would be the most embarrassing episode in English sport Column

Failure in their own tournament would be the most embarrassing episode in English sport

Simon Hick discusses the mess England now find themselves in after entering the World Cup infused with hope and optimism.

# opinion - Monday 28 September, 2015

From The42 Could Ireland have done more to get Jack Grealish on board? Opinion

Could Ireland have done more to get Jack Grealish on board?

The midfielder confirmed his decision to declare for England today.

‘The Irish public are not sick of politics, they’re actually sick of listening to politicians’

Young people want to be more involved in making positive change happen in society, but they don’t know how to achieve this.

# opinion - Sunday 27 September, 2015

‘You’re an adult and your parents are fighting, but it’s not your job to fix their relationship’

Regardless of your age, if your parents aren’t getting on or are separating, it’s not easy. It is often assumed that adult children can take it on the chin, but it is not that straight forward, writes Bernadette Ryan.

If you stay up late tonight you’ll see the moon turn a deep blood red

It’s the last total lunar eclipse with a red shadow you’ll see for a while as the next one won’t be visible from Ireland until 2019, writes Conor Farrell.

Tony O’Reilly became one of the most powerful figures in Irish life and we can learn from his story

Tony O’Reilly was many things – a rugby superstar, a driving force of economic development in Ireland and a media mogul, which is why he is one of the most interesting non-elected public figure in Ireland over a period of about 60 years, writes Matt Cooper.

# opinion - Saturday 26 September, 2015

‘It’s time for political parties to stop procrastinating. Abortion regulation does not belong in our constitution’

It is clear that on the issue of abortion, the electorate are now way ahead of our political leaders who seem determined to prevaricate and evade their responsibilities to women living in Ireland, writes Ailbhe Smyth

‘There is no public demand to repeal the 8th and politicians know that’

The clamour to repeal the 8th Amendment and legalise abortion as a matter of ‘choice’ is almost entirely media led and driven, writes Niamh Uí Bhriain.

Is Dublin really a kip?

Joe Duffy needs to get out more in Dublin if he thinks it’s a kip, writes Aaron McKenna.

# opinion - Friday 25 September, 2015

Want some peace and calm in your life? Take these few minutes to get it done

You have the ability to see from a new perspective, you have the ability to see situations as they are and not get lost in drama.

Imagine living in a 20’ x 10’ room, your belongings are in one cupboard and you don’t know if you’ll be there a year or a decade

The sight of little Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body shamed us all into reluctant action by accepting 4,000 people into Ireland, but now we’re going to put traumatised people into a seriously flawed system, writes Donal O’Keeffe.

# opinion - Thursday 24 September, 2015

The Web Summit relocation isn’t surprising, we couldn’t even keep the WiFi working

Bord Failte estimates the summit generated around €100 million in the local economy last year and this will be a significant loss. But let’s get things in perspective in economic terms, writes Angela Nagle.

‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it’

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s problems this week reminds everyone in business to be prepared for the unexpected, writes Jason O’Sullivan who has tips on what makes a good crisis management plan.

# opinion - Tuesday 22 September, 2015

Enda Kenny and the Attorney General should resign – political integrity requires nothing less

To defend the Taoiseach’s disingenuousness and the Attorney General’s incompetence is to harm the integrity of politics, writes a former advisor to Alan Shatter.

# opinion - Monday 21 September, 2015

From The42 Could Man United’s €49million gamble be about to pay off? Opinion

Could Man United’s €49million gamble be about to pay off?

The new striker has been praised after making a strong initial impression on the Premier League.

Have a problem controlling your anger? Here are tips to keep it in check

Unable to express my feelings in a healthy way, I repressed the emotions and bottled them up until the next trigger emerged, writes psychotherapist Karl Melvin, who has tips to help keep yours under control.

From The42 TMO, once the envy of every other sport, threatening to become a blight on rugby Opinion

TMO, once the envy of every other sport, threatening to become a blight on rugby

‘The man upstairs’ has been too quick to demand a stoppage, and referees aren’t helping either.

# opinion - Sunday 20 September, 2015

An Irish solution: These are your abortion stories

On a daily basis women make the journey out of Ireland to have an abortion.

15 pieces of advice I would give my teenage self

Looking back, I barely recognise that girl. My dreams, aspirations, values and perceptions have completely changed, writes Mairead Healy.

# opinion - Saturday 19 September, 2015

From The42 Video replays would resolve Costa issue and more Premier League talking points Opinion

Video replays would resolve Costa issue and more Premier League talking points

Also, Man City lose their 100% record and John Stones backs up the hype.

‘He popped the question and I couldn’t be happier, but where do I even begin?’

We vowed to take it easy and not rush but the minute I could I was scouring websites for ideas. My Facebook feed is already filled with wedding supplier ads and we find our weekends are spent venue hunting, writes newly engaged Pamela Tully.

Pear and chocolate jam I can make in under 45 minutes? What’s not to love?

Tips on growing and preparing your produce from GIY’s Michael Kelly.

‘People with disabilities and the homeless aren’t being taken care of because of your vote’

We know, deep down, that if it’s a choice between a 1.5% cut to USC or a 2% cut, most people will vote for the latter no matter what the additional cash could do for people in wheelchairs camped outside government buildings, writes Aaron McKenna.

# opinion - Friday 18 September, 2015

Tourists went to New Zealand for Lord of the Rings. Will Star Wars movie fans go to Kerry?

The new Star Wars will bring balance to more than simply the force; maybe it might help balance some books as well, writes Darren Mooney.

From The42 There’s no room for 2 Irish legends in Juan Mata’s all-time Man United XI Opinion

There’s no room for 2 Irish legends in Juan Mata’s all-time Man United XI

Eric Cantona, Bobby Charlton and Peter Schmeichel make the cut, however.

What you need to know about the ‘forgotten patriot’ who is getting a state funeral today

Thomas Kent is among the least recognisable of the men executed in 1916, but today he will take centre-stage in the centenary commemorative narrative, writes Brian Hughes.

From The42 Why comparing soccer to other sports is pointless Column

Why comparing soccer to other sports is pointless

Nigel Owens made some controversial remarks about football during the week.

# opinion - Thursday 17 September, 2015

After years of troubled skin I wanted to get rid of my spots, but I was duped

As Dara O Briain once said, scientists have tested ‘natural remedies’ and if they worked they became medicine, the rest is just a nice bowl of soup and some pot-pourri, writes Fiachra Duffy.

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