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Dublin: 21 °C Wednesday 23 July, 2014


# opinion - Today’s News

Opinion: Ireland should be at forefront of modern science – Ireland should join CERN

International project collaboration, such as the pan-EU radio telescope LOFAR, would benefit Irish businesses and tourism, as well as our IT and science graduates.

From Business ETC Opinion: ‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling opens a legal and ethical Pandora’s box Right To Be Forgotten

Opinion: ‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling opens a legal and ethical Pandora’s box

The ECJ ruling is a godsend for criminals who want to scrub their record clean – and sets a worrying precedent for empowering governments to act beyond their borders.


# opinion - Yesterday’s News

Opinion: My son is a little boy who happens to like pink… isn’t that allowed?

“It’s not fair Mama, why do only girls get sparkly things?”

# opinion - Monday 21 July, 2014

Opinion: ‘It’s a terrible blow to Aids research – and not the first time lives have been needlessly lost’ HIV

Opinion: ‘It’s a terrible blow to Aids research – and not the first time lives have been needlessly lost’

More research into Aids would help to protect the most vulnerable groups in society and also honour those who have died.

Opinion: When you think of a sex worker, you might never think of someone like me

I’m a young, unemployed student. I desperately needed to pay my college tuition, so I signed up to a website seeking a ‘financial arrangement’ with a wealthy man.

# opinion - Sunday 20 July, 2014

The road to Petras: Why I gave up my job and became an archaeologist

In my mid twenties, I began to yearn for a change. A recurring voice at the back of my head kept whispering about the possibility of another path.

Opinion: We have made no preparations for our ageing population

Ireland’s population is growing older and living longer – and the reality is we are not prepared for the fallout.

# opinion - Friday 18 July, 2014

Opinion: Why I hate the part of me that needs to return to work

I realised that part of me needs to go back to work, for my sanity as much as my bank balance.

# opinion - Thursday 17 July, 2014

Opinion: No person or institution can be left behind in the mother-and-baby home inquiry

There are serious concerns about the forthcoming mother-and-baby home inquiry; there is no international judge and a glaring lack of public debate.

Opinion: A woman pregnant by rape is treated as ‘a vessel and nothing more’ by Irish law

The UN criticised Ireland’s abortion laws and lambasted the State for failing “to assign any accountability” to issues like Magdalene Laundries, mother-and-baby homes, child abuse and symphysiotomy.

Opinion: I became the first male survivor of Irish clerical sexual abuse to meet Pope Francis

It was such an important and historic moment for Irish survivors, where the Pope was left in no doubt about the human and spiritual cost that clerical child sexual abuse causes.

# opinion - Wednesday 16 July, 2014

Opinion: Older people and Gaeilgeoirí are right to be indignant – this Cabinet doesn’t care about them

The new Gaeltacht minister isn’t fluent in Irish and the de-prioritisation of older people’s issues has been rubber-stamped; whole sections of society are being disenfranchised.

From The Score Stephen Roche says Lance Armstrong should be given his Tour de France victories back Moving The Goalposts

Stephen Roche says Lance Armstrong should be given his Tour de France victories back

“Armstrong should stay on that list,” the Dubliner insisted.

Opinion: Once again, we’ve heard a depressingly familiar tune from Ireland on human rights

Ireland’s appearance before the UN Human Rights Committee was disappointing: we have not made the changes recommended four years ago.

Opinion: Big Phil wasn’t the best option for Europe… it should have been Lucinda

Creighton could be a better fit for the role of a European Commissioner, while Hogan looks likely to receive a small portfolio.

# opinion - Tuesday 15 July, 2014

Opinion: Will Leo survive the Department of Health curse?

The newly-crowned Minister for Health’s role could be the making or breaking for one of politics’ rapidly rising stars.

Opinion: The GAA and Samaritans both have an ethos of giving rather than taking

A Samaritans volunteer and GAA member writes about the people-centred spirit at the heart of both organisations.

# opinion - Monday 14 July, 2014

Opinion: Ireland’s record on civil and political rights comes under the UN spotlight

While progress has been made in some areas, long-standing human rights issues persist in Ireland including gender-based violence and a systemic delay in processing asylum applications.

# opinion - Sunday 13 July, 2014

Opinion: Failing to prepare for life’s most important journey could be your biggest mistake

The fact of the matter is that many of us sleepwalk into intimate relationships: we need to have open and mature discussions before committing.

From The Score Gerrard should remain as England captain, says Beckham Support

Gerrard should remain as England captain, says Beckham

The Liverpool star donned the captain’s armband as England failed to progress from Group D in Brazil.

Opinion: I’ve walked across burning coals and broken glass – I know I can beat depression too

The last six years have been challenging, and the last 18 months even more so, but I’m looking forward to a very different future for me and my family.

Opinion: American policy is moving ever further from European interests

Under the Obama administration the NSA has continued to grow and Libya has slipped into chaos, meanwhile relations with Russia are reaching crisis point.

# opinion - Saturday 12 July, 2014

Opinion: SALE! Why does this one word cause all logic to go out the window?

I can’t go into town at the moment. Don’t trust myself. It’s too dangerous.

Opinion: Reluctance to repossess homes just drags out the misery for those in serious debt

Politicians are bemoaning the fact that older people might now have to carry debt onto their pension books – but that’s the risk of re-mortgaging.

# opinion - Friday 11 July, 2014

A Bessborough Tale: ‘Some nights all you could hear was sobbing’

To this day I have never experienced the grief and despair I felt leaving my baby son. I thought I would physically break in half.

# opinion - Thursday 10 July, 2014

Opinion: The Garth Brooks situation requires no parody – it is the definition of parody itself

The integrity of our planning process is a principle that our history demands we protect, whether Garth’s heart is breaking or not.

Opinion: Discrimination against the non-religious is being allowed to continue

An amendment to the Employment Equality Act will prevent religious-run hospitals and schools from dismissing employees for being a lone parent, a divorcee, or LGBT – but not for being an atheist.

# opinion - Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Opinion: The rights of the Deaf community have just been spectacularly undermined

Recent claims by the Government that it would support the development of key services through Irish Sign Language have been seriously undermined by the news that one national Deaf advocacy organisation has been forced to closed down.

From The Score Why the Brazil-Germany game was the most incredible match I’ve ever witnessed Opinion

Why the Brazil-Germany game was the most incredible match I’ve ever witnessed

The tournament hosts endured their heaviest World Cup loss ever against Joachim Löw’s side last night.

# opinion - Tuesday 8 July, 2014

Opinion: It may seem heartless, but we shouldn’t fund an inquiry into religious-run homes

I shudder to imagine what those mothers and their beautiful babies went through. But we need to ask the difficult question: is this the correct use of funds that children living today so badly need?

Opinion: St James’s is the “best site” for the children’s hospital? It’s a complete farce.

Our son has profound disabilities and we sometimes have to visit hospital several times a week. St James’s is a totally unsuitable site for multiple reasons.

# opinion - Monday 7 July, 2014

Video: Error-laden pidgin or creative creole? The Irish of the Gaelscoil

Is the mixture of Irish vocabulary and English grammar spoken by students in immersion courses simply incorrect language… or a linguistic gem?

Opinion: ‘Ah, yer not driving, are ya?!’ – The trials of being a non-drinker in Ireland

You could turn up to the pub in a bunny suit and do the ‘Macarena’ on the bar, and you’d still be considered dull if you don’t do shots to boot.

# opinion - Sunday 6 July, 2014

Opinion: The Irish have strange, almost unconditional, love affair with alcohol

There are few things that, pound for pound, person for person, have a greater hold of on this island society than alcohol. Yet we still talk in whispers about it.

# opinion - Saturday 5 July, 2014

Opinion: I had a great life, friends, business – and I was paralysed by depression

“Panic attacks can be a sign of depression and mental health issues and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me” – Niall Harbison on fighting two battles; illness and stigma.

Aaron McKenna: The good times must be back if we’ll turn away 400,000 concert goers

We’re clearly feeling more bullish about the economy if we’re cancelling sold-out shows. But should we be so confident?

# opinion - Friday 4 July, 2014

Opinion: How to stay productive during the World Cup finals

Like most things in life, a little planning goes a long way.

Opinion: Surviving in the wild can benefit every part of your life

We have become somewhat soft in recent years, becoming increasingly dependent on technology and comfort – we need to get into the wild again.

# opinion - Thursday 3 July, 2014

Opinion: Fiends in high places – Garth Brooks and the national malaise

“Unless you’re holding tickets for Brooks I, II, or III, you are Children of a Lesser God,” writes Joe O’Shea.

Opinion: Prejudice and hysteria caused two Roma children to be taken from their families

I have no doubt Garda and HSE staff acted in what they believed to be the best interests of those two children, but there were clear elements of ethnic profiling involved.

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