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# smartphone - Monday 4 December, 2017

Poll: Do you use your smartphone while walking? Lunch Crunch This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you use your smartphone while walking?

Give it to us straight. Be honest.

# smartphone - Thursday 21 September, 2017

Government looking to develop app for serious weather alerts

Many said they were caught completely off guard by the weather in Donegal last month.

# smartphone - Thursday 29 June, 2017

Poll: How often do you make a phonecall on your smartphone? Lunch Crunch This post contains a poll

Poll: How often do you make a phonecall on your smartphone?

Give it to us straight. Be honest.

# smartphone - Friday 12 May, 2017

Live A Better Life: 6 things you need to know about using your phone less

Want to use your phone less? We found out how.

# smartphone - Thursday 11 May, 2017

Five big things to change about how you use your phone

Try these and see how you can make your phone work for you.

# smartphone - Wednesday 10 May, 2017

From coding to a new language, learn something new using your phone

With these apps, you can learn a new language, get fit, or become an astronomy expert.

# smartphone - Tuesday 9 May, 2017

Simple expert tips on how to make the most of your phone's camera

This week, we’re all about cultivating positivity with our phone. So why not get to know your camera?

# smartphone - Monday 8 May, 2017

Use your phone to journal - and improve your day

Let’s find out how to remember what on earth we did last week.

# smartphone - Friday 5 May, 2017

Here's how to stop lack of phone storage stressing you out

This will make your life a whole lot easier.

# smartphone - Wednesday 3 May, 2017

Here's how to take control over your phone bill

We have a consumer expert here to help answer questions on phone bills and contracts. Plus, we’ve a Facebook Live coming up today.

# smartphone - Tuesday 2 May, 2017

Is the data on your phone secure? Here's how to make sure it is

Security is always a major concern but you have the tools to help prevent the worst from happening.

# smartphone - Monday 1 May, 2017

Easy ways to stop your phone battery from ruining your day

Does your battery stress you out? Then read on for a solution.

# smartphone - Sunday 30 April, 2017

Have questions about your phone bill or contract? Let us put them to an expert

We’ll be holding a Facebook Live event on Wednesday where your questions will be put to the consumer expert.

# smartphone - Friday 28 April, 2017

Challenge 5: Fix something that's bothering you about your phone

A small change can mean a peaceful mind.

# smartphone - Thursday 27 April, 2017

Challenge 4: Make an app hard to get at

You need the app – but you don’t want to be instantly drawn to it. Here’s what to do.

# smartphone - Wednesday 26 April, 2017

Challenge 3: Drop the phone at dinner

Week two of Live A Better Life is all about challenging yourself.

# smartphone - Friday 21 April, 2017

Do you really need all those notifications?

Let’s see if a cull is needed. Plus, a chance to reflect on how the week has gone so far.

# smartphone - Thursday 20 April, 2017

The sound sleep guide: Move your phone away from your bed tonight

Move it as far from your reach as possible.

# smartphone - Tuesday 18 April, 2017

Poll: Do you use your phone at mealtimes? Lunch Crunch This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you use your phone at mealtimes?

Your daily bite-sized ballot break.

# smartphone - Monday 17 April, 2017

Quiz: What is your relationship with your phone like?

Take our quiz and see whether you and your phone need a break – or get on just fine.

Want a better relationship with your phone? Let us help

Welcome to day one, week one of our Live A Better Life series on having a better relationship with your phone.

# smartphone - Tuesday 3 January, 2017

These are the easiest smartphone games to play with one hand

Or if you want to hold a cup of tea or coffee while you play. Your choice really.

# smartphone - Sunday 25 December, 2016

Location apps could save your life if you get into trouble on a Christmas walk

The Coast Guard is asking people to use apps on their phone to provide them with specific GPS coordinates.

# smartphone - Sunday 18 December, 2016

Know anyone who isn't tech-savvy? This is how you can help them this Christmas

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

# smartphone - Thursday 1 December, 2016

Are you looking? Half of Irish people check their phones in the middle of the night

The study found that the vast majority of us have access to a smart device.

# smartphone - Friday 18 November, 2016

Poll: Should penalty points be increased for using a phone while driving? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Should penalty points be increased for using a phone while driving?

The RSA says increased penalty points have resulted in changes in the behaviour of drivers.

# smartphone - Sunday 13 November, 2016

Your smartphone could be making your sleep worse

Longer average screen-time was associated with poor sleep quality.

# smartphone - Tuesday 1 November, 2016

Using your smartphone at night could make you temporarily blind

This week, a woman from Fermanagh described her experience of Transient Smartphone Blindness.

# smartphone - Tuesday 11 October, 2016

Own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Turn it off

The smartphone company has called a halt to worldwide sales of the smartphone due to safety concerns.

# smartphone - Sunday 9 October, 2016

Here are some handy iPhone and Android gestures you might not know about

What do you mean there’s more to my phone than tapping on apps?

# smartphone - Sunday 18 September, 2016

If you're not using burst mode on your camera, you're missing a trick

If you're not using burst mode on your camera, you're missing a trick

Why try one photo when you can take loads of them in quick succession.

# smartphone - Tuesday 13 September, 2016

The latest major update for your iPhone is here, and this is what it brings

iOS 10 brings an expanded iMessages, rejigged lock screen and a handier way to check notifications.

# smartphone - Friday 9 September, 2016

Now aviation officials are telling passengers not to turn on Samsung's new phone

As Samsung deals with an exploding battery problem, US aviation safety officials are telling Note 7 owners not to use them on flights.

# smartphone - Wednesday 7 September, 2016

This is how much the new iPhone 7 is going to cost you

Make sure you have some deep pockets.

Your phone will have better reception if you hold it in your right hand

Although the type of phone you have will also make a difference.

This is what you should expect from Apple's major iPhone event tonight

The start of September is the time Apple unveils its new iPhone and a few changes are bound.

# smartphone - Sunday 28 August, 2016

Here is a quicker way to delete large apps on your phone

If you need to free up space quickly, there is a more efficient way of doing it.

# smartphone - Thursday 25 August, 2016

Pokémon Go-related car accident kills woman in Japan

The driver was playing the game when he hit and killed one woman and injured another.

# smartphone - Tuesday 23 August, 2016

There's a new version of Android out, but good luck getting your hands on it

Unless you have a Nexus device, you’ll be waiting a while.

# smartphone - Saturday 13 August, 2016

How much do you really know about your phone?*

*Not your phone specifically, but the features that make it what it is.

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