6 times in life you just have to be in control

You’re definitely not a control freak though… you just ‘like things your way.’

YOU’RE PROBABLY AN easy-going person, right? That’s how you like to think of yourself – laid-back, chill?

But we all know there’s some times in life you just have to be in control. Times and situations that are non-negotiable.

And it doesn’t matter who you’re with, you will fight them to get your way – maybe not physically, but with all the wit and savvy you can muster.

The good news is, you’re not alone – and we’ve rounded up six of those essential times you just have to be in control.

No question.

1. Having full power over the remote control…

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The remote control – wonder did the inventor realise it would be such a source of strife?

From bickering over the volume, to channel-hopping during the ads, no one can control the TV as well as you can.

So don’t let them. Just make sure to always be watching television before anyone else is and you’ll never have to relinquish control of the control.

Sure, it might impinge on your life a little, but it’ll be worth it.

2. Picking the radio station on car journeys…

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There is nothing worse when you’re in the car than having to listen to other people’s choice of music.

No matter what they listen to, it will never be what you want – or as good as what you would have picked. So you need to be all over that dial from the minute you get in the car.

You really need to have a plan of attack for this one though, because if you’re sitting in the back of the car you can forget about it – you’re never going to have your radio station on, better just to accept your fate… and plan better next time.

3. Milk in your tea…

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As a nation of tea drinkers there’s all sorts of etiquette involved in making the perfect cup of tea – and pouring too much milk in has been the source of more disputes than you could shake a stick at.

While too little milk can be rectified with just a drop more, too much means a whole new cup – and the possibility of all-out war.

But how much is too much? Depends on the person, so it’s pretty much impossible to get right.

Just pour your own milk in and everyone stays friends…

4. Your food order…

eat Giphy Giphy

Look, you just know what you like, y’know?

It doesn’t matter that a gastronomy professional has spent years learning how best to combine foods together to form the ultimate taste sensation for your mouth – if you don’t like tomatoes, or avocado, or pepper – you don’t want it, so it’s not in it.


5. Picking the film at the cinema…

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Ah, the cinema. It doesn’t matter if it’s date night, girls’/guys’ night, or you’re going with the person you’ve known longest in this world – someone’s going to lose this battle.

All you want is to go see that grim, gripping documentary and they want to see a rom-com, or you want to see that action flick and they want to see a foreign film about… whatever… one of you is going to have to capitulate.

Just not you.

Glad that’s sorted.

6. Air conditioning…

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of an air conditioning war – whether in the office, or the house, or the car.

Either you’re sweltering and about to pass out, or you’re absolutely frozen to the bone. There is no middle ground.

Layers are your friend. Embrace them.

Hey, we get you – control is important. So switching to natural gas – which is cleaner, cheaper and more convenient than other fuels, just makes sense. You have instant control of your heating and can turn it on or off whenever you like without being penalised for peak time use. You never have to order it, store it and it’s always on. Head over to Gas Network Ireland and find out more about the benefits of switching. It’s just one more way to get your own way, really. 

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