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7 photos that every Irish person should have of themselves

From the Cliffs of Moher to a cheesy snap with Mattress Mick – this is the ultimate #untaggable Irish photo op bucket list.

IRELAND IS A bundle of contradictions.

We’re the land of saints and scholars, and also the land of messers and musicians. We can’t really be put into a simple box, and neither can many of the landmarks or experiences that come together to create that most indefinable thing of all: what it means to be Irish.

Having some of these photos of yourself might help though. How many can you check off this ultimate Irish photo op bucket list?

Strap in…

1. Selfie in your county colours at Croke Park at the All-Ireland

Dublin supporters celebrate Source: Donall Farmer/INPHO

Excitement is mounting. The All-Ireland is coming ever nearer. One photo you just have to tick off your bucket list is you in your county colours at Croke Park. Win or lose, triumph or tragedy, this is one photo that’s a total must.

2. Cliffs of Moher

Source: Cebete via Flickr/CC

The Cliffs of Moher means different things to everyone that visits it, when you think about it. For some, it’s a cheesy tourist snap for the Americans bussed in on coaches. And then for others, it represents one of the most recognisably Irish vistas in history. And for us? Well, plain old fear of heights actually…

3. Molly Malone

Famous Molly Malone Statue Source: fanofbirdland via Flickr/CC

Ah, Molly Malone. Ask a random cross section of the Irish population why exactly having a photograph of yourself with a buxom statue is compulsory for every visitor in Ireland, and they’ll shrug their shoulders. But hey, we don’t make the rules. For Dubliners, she’s part of the furniture, whereas for visitors it means you’ve finally arrived. Depends on your perspective.

4. Giant’s Causeway

Source: Anosmia via Flickr/CC

The Giant’s Causeway. When it was ‘discovered’ in 1693, people seemed genuinely confused whether it was man-made, natural, or indeed, made by giants. Sadly, it was proven in 1771 that the origins of the causeway were in fact the result of volcanic action and not Finn McCool. (But if you’re up there getting a photo of it, don’t tell the tourists.)

5. Mattress Mick

Source: infomatique via Flickr/CC

Mattress Mick – a Dublin institution in the style of Bang Bang and Forty Coats for the modern age, or simply a canny self-promoter? Well, can’t he be both? You can often find him if you head down to his store on Pearse Street, so if you’re down that way keep your eyes open. Otherwise you can always take a pic in front of his famous superstore – which is almost as good.

6. Phil Lynott

Source: photo$ via Flickr/CC

Forget Bono. If you’re looking for a rock god to get a snap with – one whose life story encapsulates all the ups, downs, twists, turns and tragedies of Ireland – then you can’t do much better than Philo.

7. The President’s dogs

Source: Danny Callaghan/The Dublin Barber Shop

Some people may look at this photo and just see two mutts, but these madraí are made of regal stuff  - Shadow and Bród belong to President Michael D Higgins and Sabina. A lot more elusive than getting the standard photo of the Phoenix Park deer herds, but… Challenge accepted.

What do you think is a must-have photo for Irish people? Let us know in the comments…

Have you ticked all those off your bucket list? Here’s another – the Audi Q2 is travelling around the streets of Dublin this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you see it, take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #untaggable and you could win some Audi goodies. To find out more about the Audi Q2 click here. Some things transcend description.

Source: Audi Ireland/YouTube

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