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8 things your smartphone makes you do

The phones and their pesky data made us do it. Swear.

THE WORLD AND its wife has a smartphone these days. Gone are the days when a Nokia 3310 or a WAP-enabled flip phone would cut it. Arguably, our phones are becoming indispensable – but they’re not much use at all if you’re not connected to the internet. Ah, the internet. Source of all joy, and source of all pain.

Here are some things having the internet at our fingertips makes us do…

1. Walk into stuff

I’ll just finish the rest of this DailyEdge.ie article… Ow. Right in the face. And the pride.

2. Drop phone on face

Image: Shutterstock

We’ve talked about this before. You’re lying in bed, just about to drift off, still just about keeping up with the latest news, little bit sleepier now… And suddenly your phone has made abrupt contact with your face.

3. Stalk on the go

Think you might like that new guy/girl you met at a party? Why wait to go home to creep on their Facebook? Just pop into the jacks and give their social media a once over, see what they’re really like. What… Did you just… You just accidentally sent them a friend request.


4. The “smartphone face”

Image: Shutterstock

Not only are smartphones affecting our behaviour but also our actual faces. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the “smartphone face” is a sagging chin resulting from years of pointing it down towards your phone’s screen. It’s all ahead of us, folks…

5. Touch your pocket every ten seconds

Image: via rainbowmaiden

You know on every rational level that you didn’t get a text since you looked. But you just have to check. Again. And again. And maybe again, just in case. I think it just vibrated! Oh wait, no.

6. Miss your stop

Image: WikiCommons

You look up. It’s somehow the end of the line. Who knew this bus even went out to Blessington? Thanks a lot, YouTube.

7. Start arguments

Start arguments? More like finish them. Before the era of all you can eat data, it was a lot more difficult to instantly prove to that smart-alec in the pub that the tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.

You sure showed him.

8. Talk less

Image: via Mobilesyrup

While you might argue more, you’ll definitely talk less. Burying your nose in your phone has its advantages – less awkward small talk, more Angry Birds.

What kind of stuff does your smartphone make you do?

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