8 of the worst times to run out of phone battery

Like it’s ever a good time to happen.

YOUR PHONE HAS an uncanny knack of running out at the exact time you need it.

You know what it’s like – you’re out and about, living your life, having the craic, and you see something amazing. Something you have to capture, or share or tweet or instagram this instant. Which is exactly when your battery gives up the ghost altogether.

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We feel your pain. Seriously. So we’ve rounded up 8 of the absolute worst times to run out of battery.

1. Mid-conversation

There’s nothing quite as annoying than running out of battery when you’re in the middle of saying something hilarious or intelligent or y’know…  very very important, that you’ll never be able to say in the same way ever again. You’re making your point, giving it socks and then you realise you haven’t had an answer in a bit – yup, your phone died some time ago.

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2. When you’re late for work

Oh, the commute. Such a waste of good sleeping time. And if you’ve pressed snooze once too often and are a little late to work or will miss a meeting through no fault of your own (bus/train being late, we believe you, millions wouldn’t) then having your battery die only adds insult to injury – and gets you into far more trouble.

Oh, you're late alright Khairil Zhafri Khairil Zhafri

3. On a night out

Especially if you’re not completely sure where everyone’s going to be, or you’re joining late, or  you’re looking particularly fine. It’s actually worse than forgetting your phone – so near, and yet so so far.

No one will ever see this fabulousness... giphy giphy

4. In the middle of the most exciting group chat you’ve ever had

Burns are flying, gossip is flowing, you can’t keep up with the amount of photos coming in and then … your phone dies. Now you’ll never know. You can catch up, but you know it’s not the same and really you’ve been relegated to communication Siberia.

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5. When your crush texts you

You know, the really cool pretty/handsome/smart/funny guy or gal that you never thought you’d hear from again? But you do – and you immediately lose battery. Like, immediately.

charger-2 Nooooooooo crave crave

And of course you’re out and about so there’s no hope of charging your phone for hours. So you FREAK OUT. Racing around, trying to find someone with your phone who has their  charger with them. But there’s not. Of course not, because the world is a terrible place.

 6. When you need to capture something

Is your cat doing something that you know is going to make you famous if only you could get it up on the internet? Are your best friends getting married? Have you seen something that makes your face do this?

Giphy Giphy

See how the nice lady has her phone to capture that amazing, life-altering moment? And what have you? A dead phone. Epic fail.

7. When you’ve set an alarm

You set that alarm for a reason. Be it to get you out of bed, or to remember to do something during the day, there is nothing worse than your phone dying and you completely failing to remember that important email to send, milk to pick up or to y’know, get up of a morning.

All snuggled deep in my bed :) ,#Flickr12Days Can't get up... Trish Hamme Trish Hamme

8. On the commute home

It’s horrendous to have your phone die on the commute home – the journey already seems interminable when all you want to do is get into comfy clothes and flop down on the sofa to watch TV all night. Then your phone dies and of course, you don’t have a book or any other method of distraction.

So now this is your life:

Never. Ending. Giphy Giphy

And to make matters worse, it’s raining and you need someone to pick you up and you can’t call them. There is no justice in the world, clearly.

We’ve all been there, lost or stranded or scuppered by a dying phone battery so wherever you are, don’t run out – pick up a Coors Light  bottle pack in Tesco, Centra or SuperValu and get a free portable power pack to keep you going no matter how far away your charger is. Enjoy Coors Light sensibly. Visit drinkaware.ie

Did we get everything? Tell us in the comments if you have an even worse example.

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