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Thursday 28 September 2023 Dublin: 15°C


This week
24th September 2023 - 28th September 2023
Debunked: Australian footage from 2021 used to imply Covid lockdowns are being enforced again
A recent date superimposed over footage of the premier of Victoria has stirred up anger
Factcheck: MEP Clare Daly ‘mistakenly’ cited wrong fatality figures for Russian invasion of Ukraine
Daly had also said that Ukraine had lost territory, citing Russian annexation declarations.
This month
September 2023
National Children First Awareness Week starts this week, here’s everything you need to know
With National Children First Awareness Week running this week, we’ve put together this guide for you on what it all means.
Debunked: Fake government letter used to spread rumour of Ukrainians being extradited to fight
Other forgeries pushing the same narrative have been spread by eastern European pro-Kremlin groups.
Debunked: Doctored image of RTÉ headline spread with anti-immigrant messages
A photo of migrants in Calais, France, was used to suggest that the media was lying.
Housing Minister condemns 'misinformation' letters distributed in Dublin with Fianna Fáil logo
Darragh O’Brien said it was “clear someone went to great lengths draft, print and circulate” the disinformation.
Debunked: Conspiracy site Infowars used fake claims about Ireland as evidence of 'white genocide'
A comment given by a CSO worker to a committee has been taken as evidence of a non-existent government plan.
Factcheck: What did an expert on Youth Justice tell the Citizens’ Assembly about drug crime?
A UL professor said most young offenders simply “grow out of crime” without intervention.
The DSPCA has opened a new pet memorial garden
It’s normal to feel grief at the loss of a family pet, but there’s a way to celebrate their life and help other animals in the process.
Debunked: The Canadian government hasn't banned the British outlet GB News
Meta has been blocking all news content in Canada in response to a proposed new law.
FactFind: What are the laws around asylum seekers being able to vote in Irish elections?
Irish and British citizens can vote in General Elections, but all residents can vote in local elections.
Last month
August 2023
FactFind: Do more than a thousand people die per year in Ireland due to burning solid fuels?
The Farmers’ Alliance, which says it will run as a political party, mocked claims made by a Green minister during a debate on turf.
Lasers, ‘magic trees’ and Simpsons predictions: False claims about Maui wildfires spread online
Debunked theories suggest that weapons were fired from space to create “15-minute smart cities”.
Debunked: Irish users among those fooled by AI image of Pope in front of huge crowds
Headlines were made by a previous fake Francis photo, AI-generated by a man on magic mushrooms who wanted “to see the Pope in a funny jacket”.
Debunked: Government has not forbidden business grants and modular homes for Irish people
A video viewed more than 47,000 times claimed modular homes don’t pass safety regulations for Irish people.
Debunked: Incompatible athlete death stats continue to be used to mislead about vaccines
Heart problems in athletes have been deceptively blamed on COVID-19 vaccines
Debunked: A public killing and attempted abductions latest in baseless claims against migrants
Gardaí had no record of the a supposed public killing with a hatchet in Dublin City.
July 2023
FactFind: What is contained in the proposed SPHE syllabus about sex and gender?
A draft document that acknowledges the existence of trans people has caused a stir
Debunked: Are a Senator’s maps showing potential Safe Access Zones around hospitals accurate?
A bill aims to outlaw anti-abortion campaigning within 100 metres of some healthcare centres.
Debunked: Draft SPHE syllabus doesn't say Critical Race Theory will be taught on Leaving Cert
A consultation draft saying privileged people should support minority groups has caused a stir online.
Debunked: Presenter wrongly speculated to be at centre of BBC scandal involving lewd photos
False claims against the chat show host were viewed more than a million times.
Debunked: The official US women’s soccer team did not lose 12-0 to a team of Wrexham 'veterans'
The claim has been shared misleadingly online.
FactCheck: Will the EU Nature Restoration Law turn Lapland’s capital into a forest?
“Don’t kick Santa out of his house,” a tweet by the European People’s Party begins.
Debunked: Screenshot of headline about far-right conspiracy theories being true is fabricated
The alleged author of the article said she was targeted by “trolls”
Debunked: Footage from an attack in the US has been re-shared to blame refugees in Ireland
CCTV footage from Phoenix, Arizona, showed a brutal assault
Debunked: Dialing 55 during an emergency in Ireland won't alert a phone operator to a 'silent' call
But ringing 999 multiple times and hanging up will alert Gardaí
Debunked: 'Cloud factory' clip released on 1 April doesn't show that humans control the weather
One edited video was viewed on TikTok 1.6 million times
June 2023
Rural Independents accused of ‘scaremongering’ during Dáil debate on supposed cattle cull
Ministers said a cull had never been proposed by the government
Debunked: No evidence for claims by anti-immigrant activist of attempted abduction in Kerry
A alleged “suspicious approach to a child” had previously been reported in local media.
Debunked: Guardian article doesn't say, as fake pic implies, hot June weather proves climate change
“Another faked headline,” George Monbiot wrote, “and another confederation of dunces falling for it”.
FactCheck: Abortion bill still many stages away from passing into law
The lengthy passage from bill to law has led to confusion.
Debunked: Cycle ride misreported to link it with controversial issues involving trans athletes
The TransAtlanticWay ride has become an unlikely focus of controversy.
FactFind: What is the Pandemic Treaty? And will it erode national sovereignty?
The first 50 results on Twitter for “pandemic treaty” rail against it, claiming it wrests control of the food supply, or that the UN will arrest and forcibly vaccinate people.
Debunked: Fake Tommy Tiernan interview with Eamon Ryan is part of a cryptocurrency fraud network
“We just got an urgent call from the Bank of Ireland. They demand to stop this broadcast right this second…”
Debunked: Confusion over news article helps spread baseless claims about Pandemic Treaty
A letter sent by Conservative MPs has been used to allege a treaty will cede sovereignty to the WHO.
May 2023
Factfind: PBP-proposed housing amendment isn't intended to evict people from their homes
Supporters say the proposal to “delimit the right to private property” would protect tenants.
Debunked: Video arguing migrants will damage Ireland relies on false claims and statistics
‘Our children’s future is in peril’, the video says, citing news organisations with strong racist links
FactFind: What is the relationship between social inequality, drug use and drug-related harms?
A report by
Shane Raymond
A survey shows consequences of drugs differ across socio-economic levels, even as the prevalence of use doesn’t.
Debunked: No, a UN report doesn't call to decriminalise sex 'between adults and children'
The document, which wasn’t written by the UN, argues that the same age of consent should apply regardless of gender or marital status.
Debunked: WEF hasn’t declared ‘water is not a human right’ or ordered governments to ration it
The World Economic Forum is a regular target of misinformation.
Debunked: Video of attack at shopping centre wasn’t filmed at Liffey Valley, but San Francisco
Captions shared with the video tried to blame the attack on immigrants.
FactCheck: Is the Govt correct to claim that 400 people are buying their first home every week?
A report by
Shane Raymond
Last week, a Government statement included a suggestion from the Taoiseach that 400 people in Ireland are buying their first home every week.