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These were the best apps released in 2014

It’s been a busy year, but which apps of 2014 are worth your attention?

A LOT HAPPENS in the space of twelve months but every day saw a collection of new apps released for all platforms.

Yet with so many releases, which ones were worth paying attention to? Here is our pick of the best releases this year.

Note: If you’re looking for the best smartphone games of 2014, they have their own list out tomorrow at 10:30am, while list of essential apps can be found here.

For: iOS
Cost: Free

If your time management skills are poor, Timeful is able to help you out. By learning your schedule and entries, it will suggest when to schedule and help you develop habits in the process.

Timeful / Vimeo

For: iOSAndroid
Cost: Free

Workflow on iOS may have an easier interface, but when it comes to diversity, IFTTT is still the one to beat. A large collection of apps and services supported, thousands of different recipes, and integration with smartphones makes this a useful tool if you want to make things easier for yourself.

ifttt-2-630x390 IFTTT / Google Play IFTTT / Google Play / Google Play

Manual for iPhone
For: iOS
Cost: €0.89

For those who want to want their iPhone cameras to have extra functionality, Manual allows you to really customise your camera’s setting before you take a photo. Detailed, precise and great for those who are used to DLSR cameras.

manual-for-iphone-541x500 Manual / App Store Manual / App Store / App Store

For: iOS
Cost: Free

When Instagram released its first stand-alone app, not many were expecting it to be a time-lapse tool, but Hyperlapse is a great app. Taking all the hassle out of creating time-lapses, it easy to use and the technology behind it keeps your videos smooth and stabilised.

Instagram / Vimeo

For: iOS
Cost: €0.89

Battery loss is a pain for anyone and Normal finds the biggest culprits by checking your phone and comparing it to other iOS models. Incredibly useful.

normal-app-576x500 Normal / App Store Normal / App Store / App Store

MSN Health and Fitness
For:iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Cost: Free

Microsoft has some great apps on mobile platforms and MSN Health and Fitness (formally Bing Health and Fitness) is one of its best. Not only does it have the standard tracking tools, it also has exercise routines and suggestions, useful articles and a diet tracker to keep you focused. One of the more comprehensive fitness apps out there.

MSN health and fitness MSN Health and Fitness / Windows Phone MSN Health and Fitness / Windows Phone / Windows Phone

For: Android
Cost: Free

Horizon really only does one thing, but it does it incredibly well. No matter how you hold your phone, it will always record in landscape mode meaning no more terrible videos.

Horizon / YouTube

For: Android
Cost: Free

Considering how many chat and messaging apps we have at our disposal now, Snowball brings them all together under the one banner. Incredibly handy if you keep switching between different ones. It’s still in beta though so don’t expect it to be flawless.

Snowball / YouTube

For: Windows Phone
Cost: Free

Since Windows Phone users are still waiting for Pocket to arrive, this third-party version brings all the functionality of Pocket to Microsoft devices.

poki-592x500 Poki Poki

For: iOS
Cost: Free (€4.49 for premium)

There are enough sleep trackers out there yet Pillow feels fresher than others. While the alarm itself is pretty useful, the premium version includes analytics and audio recording for those who talk in their sleep or have apnea.

Neybox Interactive / Vimeo

For: iOS
Cost: €1.79

Another camera app with one real but useful trick. MultiCam allows you to set the focus and exposure after you take a photo. If you can’t quite get the focus right in a shot, this allows you to fix that.

multicam-557x500 Multicam / App Store Multicam / App Store / App Store

For: iOS
Cost: Free

Recording Podcasts through your phone doesn’t sound like the most intuitive idea, but credit to Opinion for making both capturing and editing audio so easy. It’s incredibly basic, but even if you don’t intend on making a podcast, it can double up as an audio recorder.

Opinion Podcasting / YouTube

For: Android (beta), Windows Phone
Cost: Free

Those looking for a proper alternative to Google Maps now has one. Comprehensive, some handy social features and offline features makes it a worthy competitor to Google’s behemoth.

heremaps / YouTube

Replay Video Editor
For: iOS
Cost: Free

An incredibly simple video editor for iPhone, Replay allows you to sync music, add styles and numerous other features to your videos to jazz them up. Even without those features, its functionality alone makes it worth using.

Replay video editor Replay Video Editor / App Store Replay Video Editor / App Store / App Store

Ghostery Private Browser
For: Android
Cost: Free

The private web browser while you’re on your phone, Ghostery prevents sites from tracking your data while you explore the web. For those who already have the plugin on desktop, this is a natural extension of that.

ghostery-browser-593x500 Ghostery Privacy Browser / Google Play Ghostery Privacy Browser / Google Play / Google Play

For: iOS
Cost: €0.99

There’s no shortage of apps that follow the ‘Tinder for x’ formula, but Flic is one of the few that are useful. Incorporating it into your camera roll and swiping left to delete is a fun and handy way to filter through your photos.

flic-562x500 Flic / App Store Flic / App Store / App Store

Touch Retouch
For: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Cost: €0.99

Photoshop without actually having photoshop is the best way to describe Touch Retouch. Open your photo, fix whatever’s wrong with the photo and save it.

touchretouch-564x500 TouchRetouch / Windows Phone TouchRetouch / Windows Phone / Windows Phone

For: iOS
Cost: €2.99

Similar to IFTTT, Workflow also helps you automate certain actions, but has a simpler interface than its more illustrious counterpart. Creating new workflows is done by dragging and dropping and if you don’t have any imagination, there are a number of preprepared examples for you to use.

workflow-630x470 Workflow / App Store Workflow / App Store / App Store

Z Launcher (beta)
For: Android
Cost: Free

From the Nokia team, Z Launcher is a custom lock screen for Android devices. Not only can you find apps by drawing gestures, it will learn what apps you use the most so they’re there when you need them.

Nokia Z Launcher / Vimeo



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