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The best thing to eat in 18 countries around the world, but what about Ireland?

There must be some dish Ireland can offer to rival the likes of Malaysia’s nasi lemak or Mexico’s mole sauce.

WHAT IS THE single dish visitors should not miss when visiting a foreign country?

Quora users set out to answer that question in a thread on the question-and-answer-based website, singling out the most iconic thing to eat in their homelands, from wiener schnitzel in Austria to feijoada in Brazil, to katsudon in Japan

We added in some of our own selections, but we’re leaving Ireland’s to you. What would you recommend a visitor to Ireland try? A bowl of coddle? Guinness and oysters? Or just a bitta stew?

Have a look at the best dishes from other nations, then have your say on Ireland’s in the comments below.

The best thing to eat in 18 countries around the world, but what about Ireland?
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  • Argentina: Asado

    Asado is the term to describe Argentina's delectable grilled meats—and grilled Argentinian steak is especially delicious. "It is true that most of the good meat goes to the so called first world countries via exports, but I can guarantee that if you have a good 'asador' (the guy making the asado) the taste will be priceless, especially if you're in the countryside," wrote Quora user Matias J.Source: de_pablogonzalez via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Australia: Pie floater

    Often touted as the perfect hangover cure, a pie floater is an Australian-style meat pie that's sitting in a bowl of thick green pea soup. It's sometimes topped with tomato sauce, vinegar, and salt and pepper. Pie floaters are "so fantastic to eat in winter and as a hangover cure," wrote Quora user Kathryn B.Source: noii's via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • China: Xiaolongbao

    It's difficult to select just one dish for such a large and varied country as China, but xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) are certainly one of the country's most memorable foods. Originally from Shanghai, these dumplings are usually filled with some sort of meat and soup broth and steamed in a bamboo basket. Source: saucesupreme via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • England: Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

    Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, proposed by Quora user Godfrey M., is considered the national dish of England. Sop up the flavour of the beefy gravy with the hot doughy bread. Source: WordRidden via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Georgia: Khachapuri

    Khachapuri, suggested by Quora user Otar C., is a savoury, chewy bread that's filled with bubbling cheese or egg from the small Eastern European country of Georgia.Source: Themightyquill via Wikimedia Commons
  • Holland: Soused herring

    Soused herring is a raw herring fillet that's marinated in a preserving liquid that might consist of cider, wine, sugar, herbs, and/or spices. The dish, suggested by Quora user Martijn S., is best eaten on a fresh toasted roll and topped with chopped onions. Source: Broodje Haring via Wikimedia Commons
  • Indonesia: Martabak Manis/Terang Bulan

    Martabak Manis is a sweet, thick Indonesian pancake. "The top and bottom parts are basically spongy pancake, while what's sandwiched in the middle can be anything sweet you can dream of, ranging from chocolate sprinkles to grated cheese to peanut pieces (or even banana pieces!)," wrote Quora user Jerry A.Source: belgianchocolate via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Malaysia: Nasi lemak

    Widely considered the unofficial national dish of Malaysia, nasi lemak consists of rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. It was suggested by Quora user Shixian T. It's traditionally served wrapped in banana leaves and is often accompanied by sambal chili, ikan bilis (anchovies), peanuts, and boiled egg. Many people also believe it cures hangovers.Source: Kai Hendry via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Mexico Mole: sauce

    With up to 100 ingredients, mole sauce, suggested by Quora user Flor I., is one of the most complex and flavourful sauces in the world, resulting in a rich, creamy, chocolatey and spicy flavour. It's originally from the Puebla and Oaxaca regions, but you can find mole sauce, usually doused over chicken or enchiladas, all across Mexico. Source: LWY via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Russia: Borscht

    Quora user Nikita B. said any visitor to Russia is "obligated" to try borscht, a soup made from beet roots. It's generally served cold (though it can be hot too) and often topped with a dollop of sour cream. He suggested pairing it with classic Russian vodka. Source: Muffet via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Saudi Arabia: Kabsah

    Quora user Rafif F. suggested kabsah, a flavourful rice dish that's made with lots of spices, like cloves, cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, and bay leaves. It's usually mixed with meat and vegetables, making for a hearty meal. You can find it all over the Middle East, but it's especially popular in Saudi Arabia.Source: Kabsa via Wikimedia Commons
  • Slovakia: Bryndzove Halusky

    Bryndzove Halusky are little potato dumplings served with a soft sheep's milk cheese (bryndza) and bacon. They were suggested by Quora user Lukas T.Source: Sonia Belviso via Flickr
  • South Africa: Biltong

    Biltong is a type of cured meat from South Africa. It can be made with beef or game meats like ostrich. "It's the South African version of beef jerky but it is awesome by comparison. It's strips of meat, salted and spiced, dried out and truly delicious. Ask the locals for the best place to get it in the location you're in as quality can vary" wrote Quora user Alan B. Source: Jamsta via Wikimedia Commons
  • South Korea: Banchan

    A traditional meal in South Korea consists of so many small side dishes that it's nearly impossible to single out just one — and no one goes out to eat just one dish anyway. Instead, Koreans love banchan, which basically means small dishes that are served with rice and are meant to be shared. Small dishes might be kimchi (fermented spicy cabbage), guk (soup), gochujang (fermented chili condiment), jiggae (a type of meat or vegetable stew). Source: Gaël Chardon via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Spain: Jamón Ibérico

    Jamón Ibérico, proposed by Quora user Miguel M., is a savoury cured ham that's cut from the hind leg of a pig. It's an iconic Spanish dish best served with a hearty glass of wine, crusty bread, and olives. Source: Stewart via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • Venezuela: Pabellon criollo

    Pabellon criollo, proposed by Quora user Nana D., consists of white rice with stewed black beans, and "desmechada" (shredded meat). It's often served with a fried egg and fried plantains. Source: Cristian Borquez via Flickr/Creative Commons
  • USA: Hamburger

    The U.S. is so vast and the cuisine so varied, it's nearly impossible to select just one dish to sum up American cuisine. Business Insider went with the all-American hamburger — especially when you pair it with crispy fries and a hearty milkshake. Source: hamburger via Shutterstock
  • Canada: Poutine

    Originally from Quebec, poutine is a delicious calorie-fest that will warm you from the inside. It's chips topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. Quora user Josianne C. nominated this tasty dish.Source: pierrelaphoto via Flickr/Creative Commons

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