QUIZ: How Much Do You Know About Carbon Monoxide?

Here’s part three of our Carbon Monoxide Week series.

CARBON MONOXIDE IS not something to be messed with. Known as the ‘silent killer’ as it’s impossible to tell if you have a leak without an alarm.

As part of Carbon Monoxide Week, we’ve been filling you in all about carbon monoxide, what to look out for and how to protect yourself and  your family. Now it’s quiz time – how much do you know about carbon monoxide?

Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention…

1. What is carbon monoxide?
A blue gas with no odour
Colourless gas with smell

Colourless, odourless gas
2. What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?
A rash on your back
A white coating on your tongue

Yellow eyes
Lethargy, dizziness, sickness, unexplained headaches
3. What are the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Blocked chimneys or flues
Faulty or damaged heating appliances

Rooms not properly ventilated
All of the above
4. How many carbon monoxide alarms do you need?
Wherever you have a fuel-burning appliance

One in each room
5. What should you do if you have a carbon monoxide leak?
Get fresh air, then go to your doctor
Wait for symptoms to occur before doing anything
6. How often should you test your carbon monoxide alarm?
Every week
Once a year
7. How often should you get your heating appliances serviced?

8. What fuels can release carbon monoxide?

All of them
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It’s Carbon Monoxide Week this week, so we’re helping to highlight its dangers. Carbon monoxide is impossible to detect without an alarm, so make sure you have one and check it regularly. Head over to CarbonMonoxide.ie to find out how to install alarms properly.


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