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'Who paid for my flight? Who gave permission to take me out of England?'
Terri Harrison was taken from England to Ireland against her will in 1973 because she was pregnant and unmarried
She was forced into two different mother and baby institutions and her son was adopted without her consent
Decades later, she is still searching for answers, Órla Ryan reports
Redacted Lives: Why survivors felt let down by the Commission into Mother and Baby Homes
The latest episode in our podcast series examines how the Commission into Mother and Baby Homes gathered evidence
Many survivors felt as though the inquiry was a chance for Irish society to finally find out what truly happened in these institutions
But the final report didn’t come to the conclusions that many experts expected, leading people to ask: How?
'We were a pure Catholic nation - and anyone who challenged that in any way was punished'
The latest episode of Redacted Lives, The Journal's new podcast, explores the power nexus between Church and State
High Walls examines how and why so many unmarried mothers and their children were incarcerated in Ireland
Éamon de Valera tried to have the Constitution approved by the pope in 1937, Órla Ryan reports
The Explainer: What's next for the Mother and Baby Home Commission?
'Painfully visible shortcomings': Catriona Crowe on the problems with the Mother and Baby Home Commission