A 2013 David Bowie mural painted in London marking the 40th release of Aladdin Sane. Sophie Duval/PA
ashes to ashes

It's your Christmas David Bowie Quiz

The man born as David Robert Jones died on 11 January, bequething a cultural legacy unmatched by all but The Beatles, Elvis and Bob Dylan.

THE YEAR 2016 will partly be remembered for the death of several stars, including Prince, Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman and Ronnie Corbett.

But, characteristically, it was David Bowie who beat them all to it.

The singer, songwriter, artist and actor born David Robert Jones in 1947 passed away on 11 January of this year, leaving behind a cultural legacy matched only in his era by The Beatles, Elvis, and Bob Dylan.

The Superman who sang “oh no, don’t say it’s true” in his paean to the 1970s Ashes to Ashes finally succumbed to mere mortality.

Or did he?

Since leaving this earthly coil, the Man Who Fell To Earth seems more culturally relevant than he has been in 30 years, with his last release Blackstar – and his famous early back catalogue – more ubiquitous than ever.

Here we try and separate the Super Creeps from the Spiders From Mars.

Which of these was *not* a creation of the mind of David Bowie?
The Thin White Duke
Ziggy Stardust

Major Tom
Why were David Bowie's eyes different colours?
Fake contact lenses
They're actually the same colours, but one pupil is very dilated, because he was injured as a kid, in a fight over a girl

He had his eyes surgically altered to match his personas
It's a genetic trait that runs in his family

Name the guitarist most associated with Bowie's early 1970s work.
Mark Ronson
Mick Ronson

Ron Markson
Man Rockson
Along with Andy Warhol, which famous figure did Bowie namecheck in a song title on his 1971 classic Hunky Dory?
John Lennon
Jimi Hendrix

Friedrich Nietszche
Bob Dylan
"Jasmine, I saw you peeping, as I pushed my foot down to the" what?

During the mid-1970s, while living in LA, Bowie became addicted, and ended taking so much of one drug it would have "killed a horse" according to Tony Visconti. Name that drug.

Medicinal marijuana
What was the name of the band which Bowie formed with Tony Visconti on bass, Mick Woodmansey - and the guitarist in question 3.
Spiders From Mars

Dr Strangeglove and the Puppets
The Lower Third
Which song did Bowie originally offer to Elvis, who turned it down?
Golden Years

Young Americans
Rebel Rebel
What alternative title did Bowie give the concert album David Live?
Aladdin Vain
Dead Beat Bowie

Jones's Road
David Bowie Is Alive And Well And Living Only In Theory

In 1997, Bowie made $55 million in exchange for what?
The written notes from his greatest hits
The Berlin studio in which he recorded Low, Heroes and Lodger, and later bought

Future royalties from his back catalogue
A week of performances at a wedding thrown by the president of Kazakhstan
Which of these slogans was *not* contained in the lyrics to Cygnet Committee?
Wish You Could Hear
Kick Out The Jams, Kick Out Your Mother

Give Peace A Chance
Screw Up Your Brother or He'll Get You In the End
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Ziggy Stardust
You're clearly at the peak of your powers.
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Thin White Duke
Talented, in the zone, and capable of outstanding work - but lacking the warmth and wisdom of earlier work. Possibly due to substance abuse...
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David Bowie
David Jones's original incarnation, you hit the heights on occasion (like Space Oddity), but you're too much of a dilettante to really do your best I'm afraid.
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Tin Machine
Although you tried hard, this hasn't been your best work, I'm afraid.
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