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David Drumm seeks bail as he 'poses no danger to the community'

Drumm’s lawyers have also suggested the upcoming election has something to do with Ireland seeking his extradition now.

FORMER ANGLO IRISH bank chief David Drumm has requested he be released on bail in the US pending his extradition hearing because he is not a danger to the community or a flight risk.

The Irish State is seeking his return to face 33 charges in relation to Anglo Irish Bank.

In court documents filed last night to Massachusetts District Court, Drumm’s lawyers argue that he had never fled from Ireland, despite being the subject of “relentless negative coverage in the Irish press over allegations relating to the worldwide financial crisis”.

Although Mr Drumm has been told for several years that an extradition request was inevitable, he has taken absolutely no steps to hide, flee, or relocate to a country without an extradition treaty.

They also say his family is active in the community, helping to prepare and distribute food baskets to the homeless every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The court files draw attention to the fact that Ireland waited seven years to seek to charge Drumm with these offences and suggest it has something to do with the upcoming election:

Ireland’s delay – and the timing of its sudden action in its extradition request, coming as it has during the run up to the pending Irish elections – is, well, curious at best.

A bail hearing will take place in Boston on Friday.

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