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6 reasons it's totally worth spicing up your sex life

A healthy sex life is good for you – and that’s a fact.

WE’RE SURE THAT you can think of lots of reasons why spicing up your sex life is a good idea, right?

But did you know that good old science is on your side too? Here are some indisputable, boffin-assured reasons why thinking outside the box when it comes to the bedroom is totally worth it.

1. Turning that frown upside down…

Regular sex can improve your mood. When men and women orgasm, the brain releases the “love hormone” (oxytocin), which leads to a happy feeeling. This brain chemical calms anxiety and increases contentment.

Source: Shutterstock

2. Feel the burn

Sex burns calories – about 150 to 200 calories per half an hour. Beats the gym, that’s for sure!


3. Some sprinkles on that vanilla

According to a study undertaken in the Netherlands, some evidence indicates that those who indulge in kinkier pastimes might actually be psychologically healthier than “vanilla” folk. As they say, free your mind – the rest will follow.

Source: J.M. Guyon/Candybox Images/Press Association Images

4. No one’s immune to it

Having sex once or twice a week can boost your immune system – so maybe forget those multi-vitamins and just get busy instead.


5. Those who play together, stay together

Chemicals like oxytocin, mentioned above, can help increase feelings of trust – and the time spent with your partner exploring new ways to have fun will help you become closer. In more ways than one.

Source: The Meta Picture

6. Orgasms are good for you

And guess what? The Big O can lower risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer and depression.

Source: Imgur

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