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QUIZ: How Good A Driver Are You, Really?

Strap in. We’re going to tell you.

IF YOU’RE A driver you probably haven’t thought of the rules of the road since you passed your test with flying colours, right?

It’s never any harm to brush up on them now and again, so take our quiz and find out how good a driver you really are.

Ready? Go.

You're stopped at a traffic light which is about to turn green. Some pedestrians start to cross. Do you:
Inch forward to show them you're ready to go
Give the horn a little beep

Wait for them to cross and the light to change before setting off
Blast the horn
If you're taking the second exit at a roundabout when should you indicate?
Before you enter the roundabout
After the first exit

You don't need to indicate if you're going straight through a roundabout
Just ahead of you is a bus indicating to pull out. Do you:
Overtake it so you won't get caught up behind it
Slow down and let it out

Beep the horn so the driver knows you're there
Flash your lights
The car ahead of you is driving erratically. Do you:
Flash your lights at them so they'll cop on
Overtake them

Start tailgating them
Stay well back until you can safely overtake
You have passengers who want to hop out of the car. Do you:
Pull in where safe and let them out on the kerb side
Pull in and let them out on the side they are sitting

Stop traffic to let them out
You're driving and there's a cyclist on the road ahead of you. Do you:
Overtake them if safe to do so while giving extra clearance
Stay behind them until they turn off

Overtake them whilst blowing your horn
You're turning off into a side street but a pedestrian is starting to cross it. Do you:
Slow down but keep going
Stop to let the pedestrian cross

Honk the horn to alert them and keep going
Your car breaks down at a level crossing. Do you:
Stay in the car
Get passengers clear of the car and phone the signal operator to tell them to stop the trains

Push the car out of the level crossing
Walk up the track to warn oncoming trains
What's the official way to say 'thanks' to another driver?
Putting your hand up
Flashing hazard lights

There isn't one
Someone is driving slowly in the middle lane of a motorway. Do you:
Undertake them on the inside lane
Overtake them on the outside lane

Stay behind them and hope they speed up
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
Pedal to the metal
You know what you're up to, alright. Drive on
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Maintain your speed
You're doing well, just watch those tricky corners
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Slow down
You need to brush up a little, but you're almost motorway ready
Share your result:
You scored out of !
Buckle up
You need to do a little catching up on your rules of the road
Share your result:

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