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Sorcha Nic Cormaic

Party: Sinn Féin
Constituency: Dublin South

Sorcha Nic Cormaic is one of two Sinn Féin candidates in the Dublin South constituency. Nic Cormaic joined Ógra Shinn Féin when she was a student at Univeristy College Galway. She previously unsuccessfully contested the local elections in 2004.


Did you know?

Nic Cormaic is currently a primary school teacher in St. Olafs National School in Balally. Vote
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Comments (8 Comments)

  • Brian Connell 327 days ago #
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    Another bloody teacher running for election, trying to grab two pensions and have a fall-back position if their political career comes to an end. No thanks.

  • Sascha Harris 318 days ago #
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    What a vile, infantile comment. It’s because people like you have the vote that this country is the way it is.

  • Brian Connell 318 days ago #
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    Vile? Infantile?

    I’d be far more impressed if Sorcha (or any teacher seeking election to the Dail) stated that they would give up their entitlements to the teacher salary and pension. As it stands, politicians get paid too much with multi-million euro pensions.

    Perhaps Dr, it’s more because of people like you, who can’t muster an argument beyond name-calling, that has brought this country to this state.

    • Ronan Flanagan 318 days ago #
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      At least she’s off her ass and standing up for what she believes in ,….whether you agree with it or not ,
      so where’s your attempt to improve society Brian ????

      If you had half the bottle she’s got , you’d be running yourself

  • Brian Connell 317 days ago #
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    25% of the (previous) Dail are teachers? Did I hear that correctly? Coincidence? Yeah, right…. It’s a gravy train. A no-risk, double pensioned, overpaid, safety-netted gravy train.

    I, for one, am fed up with teachers running the country, especially when they get paid for being elected, get a partial teachers salary of the difference, and get two pensions. If you’re happy with the status quo on that, fair enough. I’m not. It’s a rip off.

    And I must have missed you running in the election Ronan? Or is it just a feel-good feeling thingy to make personal attacks on people who have opinions you disagree with? Or is that how you improve society?

    My gripe isn’t with Sorcha personally, or teachers in general. It’s about teachers running for election and expecting us to swallow the rip off again. In future, we need to close this loophole, and it would help if teachers seeking election clarify how many hands they’ll be putting into the public coffers.

  • Ronan Flanagan 317 days ago #
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    And I must have missed you running in the election Ronan? Or is it just a feel-good feeling thingy to make personal attacks on people who have opinions you disagree with?

    Im not the one objecting to the teacher-politician stats ,….. that was you , and thats why I suggested you do something about it .
    It was also you who had the personal attack ,…….
    I DIDN’T give Sorcha my #1 , but i do object to somebody coming onto her profile page slinging mud at her position .
    Its a cheap and dirty shot , on her profile page where people visit to find out info about the candidate .

    Now the election is over and people have cast their vote , you have returned to retract your remark about her trying to squander a double rip off pension .

    Fair play Brian , how about next time you do your homework before you open your mouth .

  • Brian Connell 317 days ago #
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    This is like arguing in a playground. So at the start you acknowledge that I’m objecting to teacher-politician stats, and hopefully by extension understand my objections to the double-salary double-pension rip-off. And somehow you turn that into a “personal attack”, and a “cheap and dirty shot”??? WTF? Coming from someone who came here and has been slinging mud and name-calling for every comment, I think you’ve lost any high moral ground. Even when I provide a link, it’s bad. Why am I not surprised that neither you nor Sascha provided any links. Or tried to muster a half decent argument. Too easy to sit back and call names I suppose….