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Luke Ming Flanagan

Date of Birth: 22/01/1972

Councillor Luke "Ming" Flanagan is standing as an independent candidate in Roscommon-South Leitrim. Flanagan first stood as a general election candidate in 1997 when he ran as a pro-cannabis candidate, featuring images of marijuana leaves on his election material. The 39-year-old was elected to Roscommon County Council on the first count in 2004 and subsequently returned in June 2009. He is the current Mayor of Co Roscommon.

  • The next government must put in place radical local government reform if they want this country to work
  • Remove all airport charges and taxes
  • Campaign for the right to cut turf for domestic use
  • It is morally and economically wrong to expect the ordinary Irish tax payer to pay the bank debt


Did you know?

Flanagan gained some attention in the international media when, in 2001, he posted cannabis cigarettes to every member of the Oireachtas as part of his campaign to legalise the drug. Vote
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Comments (5 Comments)

  • Deirdre Keegan 311 days ago #
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    congrats i voted 4 u for honesty and belief in what he says, now go give em hell!

  • Tony Connolly 310 days ago #
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    The I M F will probably pull out of ireland now when they see what we ellect to run the country !
    God help us all if Luke Flanagan is the best we can do!

    • Trevor 304 days ago #
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      Let me guess you voted for fianna fail again?? Wake up man. A change is needed, and while luke flanagan may indeed not be the answer to our problems at least it shows that some of us at least are sick of being dictated by over zealous, corrupt, nanny governments..

  • Lauren Connell 289 days ago #
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    Luke Flanagan is an inspirational young man who has Ireland’s best interests at heart. He is exactly what we need, someone with fresh ideas, community spirit and a desire to move forward.
    I assume you voted for Fianna Failure as you sound disappointed..? If this is the case, I’m delighted for you because they are the only reason your beloved IMF are in our beautiful little country.
    As an elected TD he is entitled to a €93,000 annual salary. He has pledged to donate half of his salary to his local community to aid youth projects. Name any other Irish politician who would do this without having to forcefully take it from them?

    And in regard to his stance on cannabis, what would you rather?.. Taxation, regulation and a national income OR the funding of organised crime?.. You decide.
    How many other TD’s are holding onto their fat cat salaries while gulping pints of porter, puffing on tobacco and dictating to everyone else what they should and should not do. It doesn’t seem to be a crime to run our country and future generations into an €80 billion debt and escape completely untouched. Yet, it’s illegal to grow a plant and smoke the leaves?.. And don’t dare compare cannabis to hard drugs because they couldn’t be farther apart. Put your stubborn old fashioned stance in the bin and have some consideration for others.

  • Sean Cassidy 257 days ago #
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    I believe that Luke Flanagan will prove out to be the Dr.Noel Browne of our generation,much harangued and misunderstood,but will be proven to be right when the history books are written.The people of Roscommon know well what they’re doing and what they’re getting by electing him.The mahatma Gandhi said one time”When you’re right,you’re right.Even if you are only a minority of one,speak you’re mind,speak your mind”