Family court

Children stay in care of the State as mother remains in prison spent a week observing cases in the Family Court.

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A CASE CAME before a judge in relation to the care of two children whose mother is in prison. The social worker took to the stand and explained to the judge that the father no longer lived in the country.

Child A was described as a girl that has emotional and behavioural issues who will need continuous supports. She is currently in a residential care placement but spends the weekend at a relative’s house, which she enjoys.

Her relative would like to one day provide full-time care for Child A and the social worker said that a transition plan needs to be put in place to make this possible.

Relationship with parents 

Speaking about the relationship she has with her parents, the social worker said that she recently received a card from her father, adding that the child plans to write back to him. “It is hoped the same will happen with her mother one day,” said the social worker.

The sibling, Child B, is living with a foster family, though the social worker explains that they are having a difficult time with him and they are considering whether they can continue caring for him.

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“More supports were put in place for the family and [Child B] is talking and engaging more,” said the social worker.

The court heard that long-term placements are needed for the two children, who have many more siblings.

The court was told that supports were being put in place to build on the relationships with the parents, which both children welcomed.

Child A is “delighted” that a plan is being put in place to allow her to live with relatives, the court was told, and that she was “looking forward to living there”. The court was also told that this was a welcome development for Child A as she is “fiercely loyal” to her biological family.

The judge granted a interim care order for the two children. The mother remains in prison.