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Heading to a festival? Don't panic - here's your essential packing checklist

You’ll thank us when you get there, we promise.

WE’RE ENTERING THE dog days of summer and we could bemoan the fact that summer is ending, or we could celebrate these last glorious days in style.

We choose style.

The best way to celebrate summer? Head to a festival. Castlepalooza and Indiependence are on this weekend, Knockanstockan the weekend just gone, and thousands of people have enjoyed festivals such as Body&Soul and Sea Sessions (amongst many others) already this summer.

There’s still a festival or two to go, including the biggest of them all Electric Picnic, to and try to pretend that actually winter isn’t coming – at least for a little while.

So, in case you’re heading to one of the final festivals of the summer, we’ve rounded up our absolute essentials to pack to have a great festival experience.

winter is coming Giphy Giphy

The absolute essentials….

Of course, it very much depends on the type of festival you’re going to, whether it’s a camping one or a daytime version.

But one way or another, we think these items should be on your festival packing list.

Toilet paper

Sharon Mollerus Sharon Mollerus

Answering nature’s call while at a festival is a little more difficult than usual.

From the massive queues, to the seventh circle of hell that is a Portapotty, the one thing you do not want to forget is toilet paper. Take it from us, pack a roll. Or two.

Just in case.

Suncream and rain gear

Airedale in a Raincoat This guy's all set Lulu Hoeller Lulu Hoeller

You just can’t get away from the fact that you’re in Ireland, even at a festival.

While the weather may or may not be forecast to be good, it’s always worth bringing some suncream along – you can get burnt even if it’s cloudy. Those sneaky UVA rays are out to get you.

And on the flipside, there’s the rain. Oh the rain.

Umbrellas aren’t the best idea for a festival, and are often banned, but a good rain jacket will sort you out if the inevitable happens.


Images_of_Money Images_of_Money

It’s all about those dolla dolla bills, yo – well, not really, but just in case there’s an issue with paying by card, it makes sense to have some cash on you (but not too much – in case you lose it).

It’s a fine, fine line you’re treading there.

Honourable mentions

A little bottle of hand santiser for the aforementioned portapotties will set your mind at rest that you’re staying relatively hygenic for the duration of your festival experience.

Baby wipes are also something great to have handy for a quick freshen up and they can even be a shower substitute if you (or the shower) is in dire straights.

And (generally) for the ladies – dry shampoo is your very best friend for a weekend festival, or failing that, a little talc will do nicely.

You’re welcome.

So obvious you couldn’t possibly forget…

Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

And yet you’d be surprised.

Don’t forget your tickets, your ID, your tent, your phone and your phone charger.

Have we forgotten anything? What are your festival essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

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