A man with a Palestine flag seen passing by a police officer during the pro-Palestinian protest in Paris yesterday. Alamy Stock Photo

France orders ban on all pro-Palestinian protests

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that the demonstrations “are likely to generate disturbances to public order”.

FRANCE HAS SAID it is banning all pro-Palestinian demonstrations after the attack on Israel by Hamas, on the grounds such protests threaten public order.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said in a note to regional prefects that the demonstrations “are likely to generate disturbances to public order”, adding that organisers should face arrest as well as any troublemakers.

In defiance of his order, several hundred people had gathered in the central Place de la Republique in Paris shouting pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli slogans, AFP correspondents said.

Darmanin had told French media earlier that over 100 “anti-Semitic acts” had been recorded in France since the attack by Hamas on Israel on Saturday, with 24 people arrested.

protesters-participate-in-an-unauthorized-demonstration-in-solidarity-with-palestine-at-the-place-de-la-republique-in-paris-france-on-october-12-2023-amid-the-recent-military-escalation-between-ha Protesters participate in an unauthorised demonstration in solidarity with Palestine at the Place de la Republique in Paris. Alamy Stock Photo Alamy Stock Photo

In his order to prefects, Darmanin also reiterated his request that foreigners guilty of any anti-Semitic offence or of advocating terrorism should have their residence permit “systematically withdrawn” and expelled “without delay” from France.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also said yesterday that Berlin will ban Hamas activities and organisations linked to the group in Germany.

“The federal interior ministry will ban Hamas from operating in Germany. An association like Samidoun, whose members celebrate the most brutal acts of terror on the open street, will be banned in Germany,” Scholz said in a speech to parliament.

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