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8 incredibly smart inventions to bring the future into your home

From flying cars to kettles you can boil via your iPhone.

WHETHER IT’S A KETTLE that you can turn on without having to take your head off your pillow or a coffee table you can watch movies on, technology is only getting smarter, and it’s about time we all took note.

Here’s our roundup of some of the most exciting futuristic inventions you could own right now from around the world.

1. Transparent TVs

Source: AVForums/YouTube

Sick of looking at your television occupying far too much of your sitting room, even when not in use? In the last six months, technology giants LG and Panasonic have dabbled in creating prototypes for televisions that appear transparent when not in use. The result is pretty incredible, as seen in the video above.

2. A device that turns any surface into a remote control

9149de452e56932b1af6b1745d6e2818_original Source: Kickstarter

Technology site The Verge called it a ‘cooler version of the Clapper’, a sound-activated electrical switch controller from the 1990s that was unfortunately triggered by coughs and dogs barking as well as by clapping. Instead, the Knocki can be placed on any surface and programmed to control lights and other electric devices by the number of knocks.

3. Lights you can control from your phone

Philips-Hue-app-lights-overview Source: Philips

Often find yourself sitting in the dark, with the lightswitch at the other side of the room? Or just hate coming home to an empty house? The Philips Hue range allows users to change colours, switch lights on and off, and can even be controlled via a Tweet.

4. This device that can turn any surface into a keyboard

Source: CTX Technologies/YouTube

Not mad about trying to touch-type on small screens? CTX Technologies has built an extremely nifty gadget that can project a keyboard onto any flat surface, meaning you can easily type while browsing the internet and writing emails on almost any Bluetooth enabled device, computer or laptop. It’s accompanied by simulated sounds that enables its users to type at speeds of a standard keyboard using a laser that’s only the size of a matchbox.

5. Air-touch screens

Capture One Catalog0020_aRGB Source: AirBar

Wish your laptop had the same touchscreen abilities that your phone or iPad have? Neonode Inc have created the AirBar, a lightweight device that adds touchscreen technology. The AirBar has already been launched in the US for the MacBook Air 13.3-inch notebook, it’s available in three sizes and compatible for both Macs and PCs.

6. A table that acts like a computer

026-IdeumAtSXSW1-1 Source: Ideum

There are a number of companies who now offer multi-touch tables, meaning that you can browse Facebook or watch Netflix while eating your dinner. Technology company Ideum offer them in a range of sizes, including the 86-inch Colossus, big enough to plan projects on in meetings.

7. Portable printers (that will print on paper any size)

Source: Zuta Labs/YouTube

Never seem to find yourself near your desk when you need to print tickets or important documents? Zuta Labs have launched a Kickstarter for this pint-sized mobile printer, that can print on paper of any size, making events and meetings a breeze on the go, as seen in the video above.

8. A kettle that you can control from your phone

Source: Wifi Kettle/YouTube

Fed up standing in the kitchen at work, twiddling your thumbs while waiting for the kettle to boil? The iKettle (now available in a 2.0 version) can be controlled by your phone down to the temperature and the hot drink you intend to make with it, and its creators estimate that you’ll save yourself an average of two days a year by using it.

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